Horizon Ridge There is a vortex of fate all around us.

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Her nose, driven by the grumbling of her gut, was quick to find a wet streak of crimson across the surface of a jagged rock. Ciri hovered her muzzle over the bright fluid, sniffed obsessively, and snaked her tongue past her lips to taste.

She lifted her head to glance around, searching for any further sign of a struggle, and located a trail of red droplets leading away from the scene. Ciri was hot on the trail, tongue lolling over her lower jaw in anticipation. By the time she found her intended prey, a squirrel, another creature had beat her.

The russet vixen swung it's bloodied snout toward the intruder and spit in her direction, but the dark wolf bore her own fangs in response. She prowled forward and lashed her tail upward, aiming to intimidate - and it worked. The fox made a speedy departure, leaving the remains of its meal, and the yearling Ostrega gathered it into her mouth as fast as she could.

It might've been the most divine thing she'd ever tasted, and her yellow eyes closed briefly to savour the sweet, metallic flavour. When she opened them again, they found the raven form of one of her own kind - a stranger. Ciri's hackles pricked atop her narrow shoulders at once and she tightly gripped the squirrel's ribcage between her teeth, upper lip curled defensively in the rogue's direction. Not wanting to give him a single opportunity to steal her morsel, she loped off to feed in peace.

"And then the world started to exist again,
but it existed very differently."
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