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Arrow Lake

Sunk into the surrounding rockery and spilling into Rising Sun Valley below, Arrow Lake is a sight to behold from any of the many outcroppings above. It is notoriously difficult, however, to find safe passage down to the lakeshore, as the towpaths are hidden and, when discovered, they prove to be quite treacherous. Approaching the bottom half is much easier. Like with many features of the wilds, those who rise to the challenge find a reward awaiting them: the lake is particularly fresh and chock full of fresh fish, both above and below the falls. Its sandy shorelines are the perfect place to rest and relax to the tune of the gently-lapping freshwater tide. Description written by Iqniq.

Included Areas

Arrow Falls: This series of waterfalls are a true gem hidden in the Sunspire Range, their clean and clear waters fed from the snow that melts from the mountain tops. The waters that become the Arrow Falls are as fast and as swift as a coursing river, falling in perfectly straight columns to the pools below which churn over sharp, jutting rocks before flowing into the calmer lake below. To fall from the precipice is to surely risk life and limb, making the falls both deadly and beautiful. Territory description written by Nanuk.

Emberflame Ridge

A north facing rise that peers out over the neighboring Taiga. This ridge is heavily forested and named not only for the vibrant red-orange leaves in the fall, but the way the forest often sparks to life when stray lightning from the neighboring Thunder Dome touches down within these trees. Isolated pockets of this ridge are charred from small lightning fires. It’s also not uncommon to find an isolated and singed tree here or there. Discovering all of these burn marks is something of a game made all the less fun when the next bolt strikes down. Territory description written by Iqniq.

Hushed Willows

A light sea breeze mixes with the warm air of the valley to create a lush, thriving environment that is home to a vast quantity of weeping willows. Their long branches sway gently in the wind, brushing their leaves together to create a hushed, whispering sound that gives the area its name. A number of prey animals make their homes within the base of these willows and can often be found hidden within the grasses or beneath the veil of leaves. This area is quite tranquil and makes for an excellent retreat. Territory description by Iqniq.

Little Goat Mountain

The smallest of the Sunspire mountains, Little Goat Mountain lives up to its name well. It's little and there are many goats. Its slopes are mostly gentle and grass grows freely over much of this small mountain. The only exposed rock is near the very peak, where lichen rules supreme as far as foliage goes. It's idyllic for its main inhabitants, the mountain goats.

Lone Star Mountain

So named because it seems to be topped with the northern star when viewed from the south, Lone Star Mountain is as barren as they come. The slopes are rocky and house little life, the cap is frozen all year 'round, and the mountain ridges all seem to lead to dead ends. As foreboding as the mountain's terrain is, it houses the largest herd of bighorn sheep in the wilds and boasts of a great cave network within its base. On quiet nights, the crack of rams' horns butting can be heard clearly for miles around.

Mount Apikuni

Although dotted pleasantly with small copses of trees here and there on the southwest face, the mount's sheer northwestern side is akin to a single and enormously dangerous rockslide. According to legend, a wolf pack once lived on these slopes, only for a spring avalanche to crush them into oblivion and wipe out half of the mountain in one fell swoop. Strangely, the sparse remaining forestry caught fire later that year, leaving a giant, charred smear behind. Nowadays, new growth peeks out of the old wreckage, spotting the mountainside, yet few choose to traipse here. While the mount's opposite face is all that a pretty mountainscape should be, no one can forget the ugly scars on its back, nor the lives tragically lost there.

Northstar Vale

Nestled in a cleft between vast peaks lies a tiny sliver of paradise rife with a rich variety of trees and dotted with small, evenly-spaced lakes. A creek runs through the middle like a giant, winding vein, the pure water the lifeblood of this misty vale. Although walled in on every side by looming mountaintops which sometimes choke off all semblance of sunlight, the space feels less like a fishbowl and more like a peaceful safe haven. Many beasts call this place home and most rarely if ever have to leave the shadowy glen.

Included Areas

Clandestine Stream: Tucked within the heart of the Sunspire Mountain Valley, these streams are hard to come by and are often overlooked due to their tiny size. Most are narrow enough to step across and are of insignificant depths, but they weave across the valley and feed a multitude of trees, grasses, ferns and the local wildlife. During wet seasons, these rivulets rise no deeper than the ankle. In dryer months, these streams may cease to exist at all, leaving only subtle grooves and trails behind. Territory description written by Iqniq.
Lotus Spring: Nestled at the base of the mountains, this lovely little spring is tucked beneath the sweeping limbs of weeping willows and softly swaying reeds. Lilly pads hover atop the water and are dotted by a variety of pink, purple, yellow, blue and white lotus flowers that bloom on and off through the warmer months. Dragonflies zip through the air. Waterbugs paddle through the pond. Crickets chirp and frogs croak. At night, fireflies have been known to illuminate skies and leave a twinkle of natural magic behind. Territory description written by Iqniq.

Porcupine Ridge

Jutting out haphazardly from the ground, the Porcupine Ridge is most known for its treacherous peaks and uneven surfaces. It appears a place of danger, but among its tumultuous rises are forested glens and hollows and hill side pastures, which shelter and provide for predator and prey alike. Spring-fed mountain lakes hold glacial, exceptionally clear drinking water, and the southeast overlook offers a breathtaking view of the Northstar Vale below, and the peaks of mountains that mark the vale's boundary.

Included Areas

The Dungeon: Hidden in the darkest corner of the mountain range is an enormous limestone cenote. A network of tunnels leads down into the interior of the sinkhole, where a natural lake has formed. The water, enriched with minerals from the cave itself, is a robin's egg blue colour, while the inner walls of the cenote are of red earth. One could wander deep into the earth and never get lost, for the blue water channels through even the deepest tunnels, serving as a lifeline back to the main chamber.

Raven's Watch

Named for the dark birds that tend to roost along the mountainside, Raven's Watch is an overlook on the Sunspire range's north edge. Below the overlook is a lush paradise, fed by the waters of an alpine lake that turns into a river along the Watch's border. Territory description written by Magpie.

Razorback Ridge

This jut of mountain land is one long spine rising into the sky, its edge like that of a blade. Its sides are steep and nearly impassable unless you're willing to risk life and limb to do so. There are no footholds, no safe resting spots, and at the height of the ridge, there are few — if any — places with firm footing. Because this ridge has very little vegetation, the erosions create frequent rockfalls which echo throughout the range. Parts of the ground break away and tumble to rest at the base, making the ridge sharper and deadlier as time goes on. Territory description written by Nanuk.

Redsand Canyon

The canyon is a rare and splendid site. Spires of red rock have been formed by years of strong winds into smooth contours, creating a labyrinth of narrow passageways closely hugged by marbled rock formations. Depending on the time of day, the canyon can appear red, orange, or even purple. It's said that a wolf larger than any known wolf lives within the canyon, but whether it's just a story for the wet ears of misbehaving pups or a fearsome truth is yet to be confirmed.

Sawtooth Spire

Sawtooth Spire is a territory as tall as it is wide, the largest in the massif it stands in. It is also the most difficult to enter, jagged stone ripping the earth at its base like spikes, promising a challenge even to the most well-traveled of mountaineers. If one can get past this, the Spire is a treasure trove, hosting conglomerate territories. Upon the upper reaches snow can be found, the temperatures growing cooler as the air thins. Here and there, rocky spires splinter forth from the land, some flat, but others jagged and sharp, much like a row of teeth. Beyond the white at its highest reaches, the territory is exceptionally green, broken apart only by the waterways and stony slabs. Territory description written by Tonravik.

Shadow Mountain

A mountain that is broader than it is tall, it is often cast in the shadows of its neighbours. The land is surprisingly lush for a mountain, with many streams and copses of shade-loving vegetation. It boasts mainly small prey, but an occasional sheep or goat will wander over from the surrounding mountains. Though it appears safe and inviting and offers a lot to those willing to explore it, Shadow Mountain has a surprising number of loose rocks hidden among the sturdy ones that make it a gamble to traverse.

Sleepy Fox Hollow

Located in the center of a sierra is a quiet, open meadow. The place appears quaint and peaceful, nestled safely and hidden from anything outside of the mountains. The Hollow is lovely in the Spring, Summer, and Fall, a variety of deciduous trees dotting the lands and bringing color and life to the place; but in the Winter, the Hollow is nothing but the naked bones of the trees here that the leaves left behind, scraping eerily against one another as though desperate for warmth. Per its name, the territory is home to a number of red foxes. Territory description written by Tonravik.

Spotted Eagle Mountain

Spotted Eagle Mountain is named well. It is easy to spot from a distance due to its own speckled appearance, its dalmatian pattern foretelling what one would be met with upon arrival. Dead trees loiter the place, some fallen and some still standing, blackened by the burn of a fire from many years before. Life finds a way, however, and even though the scorched remains of the previous forest are most prevalent, nature is regaining the mountain and turning it habitable once more as animals return to the slopes. Eagles are the predominant inhabitants, with their nests near the cold, craggy peak.
Description written by Tonravik.

Sunbeam Lair

Deep within the mountain range lies a cavern whose reach extend far beneath one of the more shallow ridges. Large and spacious, the cavern seems to support its very own ecosystem, certain types of plants and animal life thriving here. Some plant-forms here are hard to find elsewhere, making this location a healer's dream. In some places the ceiling became weak and caved in, allowing for the sun to shine through in the middle of the day and even the light of the moon on particularly clear nights. Territory description written by Nanuk.

The Sunspire

Though it is the tallest and most extravagant mountain in the range, a gentle slope and a peaceful, almost graceful rise allows The Sunspire to greet each dawn with a fresh face. The mountain's side is a perfect place to go to rejuvenate yourself and find peace in nature. However, stretching tall above this green oasis is the rest of the mountain; all craggy stone and treacherous paths winding up towards the snow-capped top. Few have ever explored the more dangerous areas of this mountain.

The Wall

The gradual slope of the mountain becomes steeper as one continues up its height. Along its precipice, the ridge levels out to become an easy, narrow path wide enough for no more than two or three wolves across with sheer, straight drops on either side. In some areas, the rocky edges are built up a bit to form a sort of primitive edging, but for the most part this wall is a very risky place to travel. To fall from the top is a guarantee of death, but if the winds aren’t threatening to blow a creature away, the view is excellent for scouting. Territory description written by Iqniq.

Thunder Dome

A dormant volcano nestled within the summits of the Sunspire range, this  precarious peak is known for its steep ridges and elaborate heights. Here, clouds gather about the highest point and keep the air moist and rampant year round. The winds are intense and the storms are incredible. Lightning strikes score the granite ground and leave an electric tingle in their wake. While the land itself may seem barren, the weather here is very much alive. Territory description written by Iqniq.

Included Areas

Cantatis Cavern: At the peak of a mountain there is a cave entrance, however this is not just any ordinary cave. Inside the entrance is most likely the most beautiful cavern you will ever see. A forest grows within the mountain and the cave entrance is the only safe way inside to the forest. The forest survives due to the light shining through holes in the mountain, and the several streams that provide water throughout the cavern. Territory description written by Bindi.

Tormented Tarns

Not too long ago, atop one of the mountains, the snows melted. The waters poured down the mountain side and gathered in this location. All of the local insect life took to the trees, spinning webs to keep themselves out of the water. The insects now make the trees their home for the land is still fraught with tarns. The lakes that formed that summer have never fully drained allowing only small strips of dry land on which to pass through that expand only slightly in the summer months before being topped up again in the winter. Territory description written by FitzDutiful.