04. Trades & Specialties
October 31, 2015, 12:48 PM
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Trades & Specialties

Characters* may claim up to 2 trades with a total of 3 specialties distributed between the two trades. Because a trade must be earned prior to a specialty, and a specialty must be earned prior to a mastery, fully earning a trade occurs in three phases:

Phase 1: Acquire a Trade (or Apprenticeship, if <9 months of age). The character demonstrates the trade generally, including dabbling in one or more of the possible specialties. Here is where a character learns what their trade is about and develops an interest in it or, if they had previous knowledge from their past life, where they prove their skills.
Requirement: 5 completed threads — Submit these to your pack leader(s) for evaluation.

Phase 2: Acquire a Specialty. The character focuses on and demonstrates a specific vocation within the trade, then spends time further developing that specific skill set. Their knowledge of other areas of the trade may diminish in this time, though they will always retain basic knowledge on their trade as a whole.
Requirement: The relevant trade & 10 new (unique) completed threads — Submit these to your pack leader(s) for evaluation.

Phase 3: Achieve a Mastery. The character continues developing their specialty until they are a master of their craft. This is when your character truly excels at their specialty and may be confident enough to teach other wolves about it as well.
Requirement: The relevant specialty & 20 new (unique) completed threads — Submit these to your pack leader(s) for evaluation. In total, if you achieve a mastery, you should have 35 threads towards that trade!

Note: A thread can only be used toward one trade or specialty. If a thread qualifies for two different trades or specialties, one must be picked.


[Image: caretaker.gif] [Image: caretaker_master.gif]
Wolves who possess a great deal of empathy, a drive to help others and an affinity for nurturing tend to make excellent Caregivers. Caregivers are wolves who, in one way or another, take care of their pack mates. Whether it be by tending wounds and aiding the ill, looking after the pack's youngest and oldest members, lending a shoulder for a wounded companion to lean on or aiding pregnant females in the pack, Caregivers are the heart of the pack.
  • Medic: Major focus is on healing wounds and aiding the ill using various natural methods.
  • Midwife: Major focus is on fertility, tending to pregnant mothers and providing neonatal care.
  • Sitter: Major focus is on taking care of and teaching puppies and looking after the elderly.


[Image: chronicler.gif] [Image: chronicler_master.gif]
Those wolves possessed of healthy curiosity and a reliable memory often choose to take up the proverbial pen and play the part of Chronicler. Chroniclers maintain the history of a pack, weave tales for entertainment and education alike, and occasionally sing and dance to tell the stories of yore. They are most responsible for passing on the traditions of a pack to its newest members and ensuring nothing is forgotten. Chroniclers are the brains of the pack.
  • Bard: Major focus is on using poetry, song and other artistry to pass on stories, particularly as they pertain to pack traditions.
  • Historian: Major focus is on keeping a record of a pack's history, and verbally passing that history on to newcomers.
  • Storyteller: Major focus is on weaving tales with morals for fun or for education.


[Image: counselor.gif] [Image: counselor_master.gif]
The wise, learned and empathetic among wolves are apt Counselors. It is very typical for Counselors to be older wolves who have collected a measure of worldly experience. Dealing with matters of heart, mind and soul, Counselors serve as mediators of conflict, confidantes for secrets, and advisors to the pack's leadership. Whether standing alongside their leaders to help them make the best decisions or aiding the troubled thoughts of their comrades, Counselors are the pack's soul.
  • Advisor: Major focus is assisting the leadership with diplomacy and decision-making.
  • Mediator: Major focus is on assisting with resolving interpersonal issues between individuals.
  • Coach: Major focus is guiding the young and/or inexperienced and maintaining pack morale via games and entertainment.
  • Therapist: Major focus is providing mental and emotional support and advice.


[Image: gamekeeper.gif] [Image: gamekeeper_master.gif]
They say all wolves can hunt, but only the keenest of sight and keenest of smell can call themselves experts. These wolves have a quick mind and quicker reflexes and are capable of tracking and hunting a wide variety of prey, from tiny voles to towering moose. Hunters can sense even the tiniest of movements and it's said that their focus in unbreakable. By padding the pack's caches and feeding its members, Hunters are the pack's jaws and lifeblood.
  • Birdcatcher: Major focus is on wild fowl, such as pheasants, turkeys, ducks, etc.
  • Deerstalker: Major focus is on large ungulates, team coordination and scavenging.
  • Fisher: Major focus is on aquatic game, large and small, and health of the waterways.
  • Tracker: Major focus is on following herd patterns and movements; monitoring birth and death rates; observing general animal behavior and life cycles; as well as keeping track of caches and their contents.
  • Trapper: Major focus is on small game, like rabbits, squirrels and other rodents.


[Image: warrior.gif] [Image: warrior_master.gif]
Those wolves who possess unparalleled control over their bodies and a critical eye for the weakness in others go on to become unmatched Mercenaries. They have unsurpassed discipline and the quick reflexes and sharp movements to manipulate weaknesses. Mercenaries tend to be more wild than their non-Mercenary counterparts, and often solve problems with action rather than words. With their brawn and affinity for strategizing, Mercenaries are the pack's muscle.
  • Guardian: Major focus is on defensive fighting and controlling and refreshing the borders.
  • Tactician: Major focus is on strategy in large conflict scenarios.
  • Warrior: Major focus is on offensive fighting and training, and escorting important pack members outside the pack territory on official business.


[Image: naturalist.gif] [Image: naturalist_master.gif]
Naturalists are so in tune with the natural world that at times, the plants, stones and weather are more interesting to them than other wolves. Rumours abound that these wolves can hear rocks, speak with rivers, conjure spirits and read the skies like body language. While these rumours are exaggeration, every Naturalist has unparalleled knowledge of the natural world, knowledge that at times verges on the supernatural, and are perpetually curious about natural phenomena. Naturalists are the minds of the pack.
  • Astronomer: Major focus is on the stars, the moon and the constellations.
  • Botanist: Major focus is on plant care and plant identification.
  • Ecologist: Major focus is on ecosystems and the organisms within them.
  • Meteorologist: Major focus is on the weather and predicting adverse events.
  • Toxicologist: Major focus is on poisonous substances and how to protect oneself against them or use them against others.


[Image: outrider.gif] [Image: outrider_master.gif]
Wolves travel all their lives. Some enjoy it, some hate it, and some live and breathe for it. Wolves who best suit the Scout designation have an insatiable desire to see the world and are not content to remain in one place for long. They are excellent long-distance travelers and are able to remember small details readily, making them excellent messengers. With their skill for ranging far and wide and never getting lost or growing tired, Scouts are the pack's feet, eyes and ears.
  • Ambassador: Major focus is on carrying messages to other wolves, recruiting wolves and representing their pack.
  • Ranger: Major focus is on ranging far and wide, exploring and mentally mapping the landscape.
  • Rogue: Major focus is on infiltrating other packs, manipulating other wolves to gain information, and other con artistry.

* Please note that trades and specialties are rewarded by Pack Managers, so all pack wolves should request trades with their respective Pack Managers. Once you have completed the requirements, simply submit your proof to your PM(s) for review. pack managers. If you are a lone wolf and qualify for a trade, please post here. In some cases, you may use threads retroactively (such as when your character was a lone wolf or in a different pack), although this is up to your leaders' discretion, as is the eligibility of any relevant threads. (So if in doubt about whether a thread will count, please consult your leadership rather than the administration!) If your character goes from a pack wolf to a lone wolf, he/she will not lose his/her trades or specialties; they are permanent unless manually dropped. This also applies to character hand-offs, e.g., if a character is picked up by a new player, any earned trades and specialties will remain with the character. We do strongly recommend the new player "renews" them within the first several months by completing 5+ trade-related threads.

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