05. Absences, PPCs & NPCs
February 12, 2016, 09:01 PM
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Absences, NPCs & PPCs

Absences & Previously Played Characters

Characters who are absent on WOLF are no longer recognized as exempt from the 2-week activity check. However, if a long term absence is unavoidable, we offer the option of making a character a PPC (Previously Played Character). This is ideally only done when it makes no sense for a character to leave its pack IC. We no longer limit PPCs. Notably, PPCs don't count toward a pack's total number of characters.

There are no longer universal standards for PPC eligibility. We are leaving the requirements up to the Pack Managers' discretion. They may decide what criteria, if any, to use, and it is entirely up to them to accept/decline applications for PPC status. If you're interested in setting one of your characters as a PPC, please contact your leadership to discuss and be aware that you may need to meet their independent requirements.

PPCs assume the lowest rank in their pack and are listed separately, therefore, a character cannot be a PPC and a leader at the same time. Generally, if there's a logical explanation for a character leaving the game completely, that is preferred. If you are returning to the game and wish to pick the character back up, you need only ask your pack leader to re-title them! On a related note, PPCs may not post. If you're going to be posting again, the character must resume a normal rank in the pack! Additionally, PPCs may not immediately resume/assume leadership upon returning. To avoid gaming of the system, the admins require a grace period of 30 days to reestablish longevity - 30 days of consecutive activity is the universal requirement to re-obtain any leadership rank, be it by automatic removal (or demotion) of the activity checker, coming off of PPC, or coming back from hiatus.

For all intents and purposes, PPCs become NPCs and are the property of their pack for the duration of their time as PPCs. This means that any member of the pack can mention the PPC in their posts as they would any other NPC. However, if you choose to include a PPC in your posts, you must ensure that they are kept in character at all times. For example, a character named Fluffy who is happy-go-lucky, sweet and peaceful should not be roleplayed as a murderer when they become a PPC, as that would be uncharacteristic for them. PPCs should not be permanently or significantly injured and they cannot be killed.

PMs will contact PPC players once every six months to confirm interest in keeping their character a PPC. If the player does not respond, it will be assumed that the character left the Teekon Wilds. If a pack with PPCs disbands, those PPCs are assumed to have left the Teekon Wilds. (added 05/08/17)

Non-Player Controlled Characters

Here at WOLF, we permit the judicious use of non-player controlled characters, or NPCs. NPCs can be prey animals that your wolf hunts, predators that impact your wolf, or other wolves for the purposes of a plot, such as a brother coming to bring your character home or a companion who is around occasionally. NPCs cannot join packs. NPCs should never be used as a means to justify metagaming, which means your character can't learn information about any pack, character, or area within the game from an NPC. You should thread with other players for IC information!

If a puppy is dropped by its player, they may remain an NPC until the age of 9 months. A player who wishes to put a puppy on PPC status has the same requirements as adults on PPC status. (added 05/08/17)

Please don't send PMs to this account, as we don't check it very often and they may go unread! Instead, direct admin inquiries to our personal accounts as listed on the staff directory. Thank you!