09. BRP: Bragging Rights Program
July 06, 2016, 08:45 AM
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Bragging Rights Program is meant to be a fun and casual way of working toward short- and long-term goals with your character. BRP is opt-in, and there are no IC or OOC benefits to achieving all the challenges (except, y'know, bragging rights). There is no proof required, but members should track these in their pawprints topic if they'd like to join the program. You don't have to request anything to join or to earn things, just add them to your pawprints!

Pawprints template
Trello template

— 100 posts
— 500 posts
— 1,000 posts
— 2,500 posts
— 5,000 posts
— 10,000 posts
— 10 finished threads
— 50 finished threads
— 100 finished threads
— 250 finished threads
— 500 finished threads
— 1,000 finished threads
— 10 posts by you in the same thread
— thread that is finished 6 months after it started
— conclude all threads before going inactive (no danglers)

— bodily functions (poo, pee, vomit, slobber, etc.)
— talk about the weather
— play a game and win
— play a game and lose
— gossip about a character not in the thread

— meet 5 pack-mates
— meet 10 lone wolves
— meet 25 different wolves
— recruit a lone wolf (not on the borders)
— have 5 threads with the same wolf
— meet 5 wild fauna

Longevity — these all assume consistent (no-drop) activity
— play a puppy from birth to one year
— play the same character for one year
— stay in the same pack for 6 months (relocation counts as same pack)
— lead the same pack for 6 months
— stay a subordinate for 6 months
— stay in the same pack for 2 months after a leadership overhaul (current leaders ousted, new ones promoted)

— earn two trades
— earn three specialties
— become a leader
— leave a pack to start a new one
— usurp a pack
— get ICly demoted (not by the checker)
— get exiled or kicked out

— have a crush
— break up with a mate
— go back to an ex
— have a one night stand
— have three different lovers (extra credit: concurrently)

— become mates
— do the deed
— have a litter
— have a bastard litter
— both child and grandchild were born and played in-game
— have two consecutive litters with the same co-parent
— have two litters with different co-parents
— be a parent in a multi-paternal litter (two or more fathers)

— break a bone
— bedridden for a week
— get sick
— fall off a cliff
— get attacked and injured by a non-wolf creature
— lose a fight
— lose a vital sense/ability (vision, smell, speech, or hearing)
— questionable/open-ended disappearance
— the ultimate whump (death)

Boardwide plots
— have five threads relating to a single BWP
— have ten threads relating to a single BWP
— participate in two different BWPs
— participate in five different BWPs

— attend a WolfCon

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