Neverwinter Forest Neverwinter Forest
February 08, 2017, 12:58 PM
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Pack Basics

Name: Neverwinter Forest 
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Location: Great Bear Wilderness
Acronym: NWF
Founded: February 29th 2016
Founding leaders: Scimitar, Eshe, Kaskara
Founding Subordinates: Kieran, Kyron, Goldhawk, Pasha
Pack Colours: Frosted (#4d768c) & Sandwood (#8d6f5b)



Ondine: Alpha ( 7-2-2017 — present)


Kjalarr: Alpha (14-11-2016 — 7-2-2017)
Scimitar: Alpha (29-2-2016 — 13-11-2016 )
Eshe: Alpha (29-2-2016 — 13-11-2016)
Kaskara: Alpha (29-2-2016 — 13-11-2016)



Founded by Scimitar, his mate Eshe and Kaskara - NWF was set up in Neverwinter Forest. Babies were born, wolves left and joined, but everyone was still happy. That was, until Scimitar was found dead and Kjalarr took over, bringing his pregnant mate Ondine in. Arrille was born alongside two sisters who were killed due to them having a birth defect. It was not long after that Kjalarr decided to step down and Ondine took hold of the pack and its well-being. 


 A thick layer of evergreen pines stand sentinel. Arm in arm, they weave their bows together, creating a dense canopy of branches that fend off both rain and snow. The forest floor is shadowed. Here and there a beam of sun penetrates to the ground below, but these rays of light are seldom and few. Where they touch, infant life reaches for the skies. Soft ferns and saplings spread, cloaking the ground with downy moss and fallen pine needles. This forest protects itself and with it, has become home to several herds of deer.
February 09, 2017, 12:01 PM
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Internal Territories

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Sleeping Circle: In the Southern parts of the forest lays a circle of rocky and dug-in dens. In the middle of this circle lays a bedding of pine needles, safe to stuff in the dens so one can sleep comfortably. Newcomers are free to search out their own den and gather with their packmates for dinner.

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Western Flowerbeds: As the name suggests, in the Western parts of the forest lay several beds of pink flowers. In Spring, the flowers bloom and the whole place smells like herbs and flowers. One can roll around here or come here with a lover.

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Northern Waters: In the North lays a clearing with an amazing lake where deer come to drink their fill. At the edges of the water, one can find many herbs, and in summer, this is the best place to cool off.

[Image: ZTdQpPI.jpg]
Hunting Grounds: From the Northern Waters, the deer travel to yet another clearing where fresh grass is plenty. Here, the wolves of the pack hunt with each other to catch big game. A little to the South, herbs are plenty, but one should be careful to gather them there as to not disturb a possible herd.

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Eastern Rockslide: In the Eastern parts one will find a big pile of rocks just ready to be climbed on. Where the rocks came from is quite a mystery, but it is possibly due to a rockslide that took time ages ago. A slight stumble once on top can mean death, so one should look out and not go too high.

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Eastern Waters: In the East lays yet another, smaller lake that is more muddy and swamp-like. A weird smell hangs in the air and numerous frogs croak all day long. At night, the place is filled with fireflies and soft, relaxing water sounds.

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Gathering Stump: Somewhere in the middle of the forest lays a fallen tree that left behind a big stump for anyone to sit on. This is usually the place to go to once a pack meeting is taking place.

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Southern Thorns: In the South, slightly more to the East, lay several bushes full of dangerous thorns. The bushes are bigger than any wolf, and playing in them or going through will likely result in cuts and pain.