Northstar Vale Northstar Vale
May 21, 2017, 06:16 PM
Lost Creek Hollow
[Image: P62hTF2.png]Pack Introduction
Pack banner by Laur. 
Writing by KJ.

        At this point, the “Teekon Brat Pack” is not a rigidly structured pack as much as it is the lupine equivalent of a bachelor band of wild horses.  They wander the wilds as an amorphous mass, serving as a bastion of freedom for young wolves like themselves, whether these wolves are runaways, orphans, or simply adventurous.  Together, they will learn and grow, solidifying customs and traditions as they deem necessary, making and breaking alliances and truces at will.  They are the Lost Boys of Neverland — the girls from the Gaslight Addition — the unlikely confederation of the Breakfast Club — learning to hunt and scout together as they explore the atavistic dance of submission and dominance and try to figure out where they fit in the world.

Basic Information
        Name: Northstar Vale
        Ranks: Greek
        Location: Northstar Vale
        Acronym: NSV
        Pack Colors: #9ec8f2 and #ed7652
        Founded: May 21st, 2017
        Disbanded: November 8th, 2017
        Founding Leaders: Rannoch and Rian 
        Founding Subordinates: Cypress, Liffey, Tryp, Pyro, Dublin, Rose, Mato, Redshank, Kaori, Airi, Titmouse, and Tulip 

Pack History
        The Frostfur brothers Cypress and Rannoch, and their cousin Rian Frostfur learned early on what it meant to be truly alone.  Between Rannoch’s abduction, the brutal and untimely deaths of Scimitar and Eshe Frostfur, and the disappearance of Kieran O’Malley, the trio has known little but tragedy for the majority of their young lives.  Distraught, Rannoch fled the Teekons after receiving the news of his parents’ violent passing, while Rian and Cypress, frozen in their grief, existed on the fringes of pack life in a constant state of avoidance, anxiety, and deep despondency.

        Initially following the deaths of Neverwinter Forest’s alpha pair, Kjalarr Eitri Loðbrok, adopted son of Scimitar Frostfur, assumed the throne — but when he stepped down months later and relinquished control of the pack to his mate, Ondine Água, Cypress rebelled.  On a whim, he challenged Ondine’s place at Neverwinter’s helm and lost.  This failure to protect the forest kingdom his parents had worked so hard to cultivate proved to be the catalyst he needed to agree to Rian’s suggestion that they leave Neverwinter Forest in the name of “following our hearts and finding where we really belong, rather than living for the sake of living.”

Pack Territory
Territory description by Iqniq.
        Nestled in a cleft between vast peaks lies a tiny sliver of paradise rife with a rich variety of trees and dotted with small, evenly-spaced lakes. A creek runs through the middle like a giant, winding vein, the pure water the lifeblood of this misty vale. Although walled in on every side by looming mountaintops which sometimes choke off all semblance of sunlight, the space feels less like a fishbowl and more like a peaceful safe haven. Many beasts call this place home and most rarely if ever have to leave the shadowy glen.

Included Areas
Territory description written by Iqniq.
        Clandestine Stream: Tucked within the heart of the Sunspire Mountain Valley, these streams are hard to come by and are often overlooked due to their tiny size. Most are narrow enough to step across and are of insignificant depths, but they weave across the valley and feed a multitude of trees, grasses, ferns and the local wildlife. During wet seasons, these rivulets rise no deeper than the ankle. In dryer months, these streams may cease to exist at all, leaving only subtle grooves and trails behind. 

Lotus Spring: Nestled at the base of the mountains, this lovely little spring is tucked beneath the sweeping limbs of weeping willows and softly swaying reeds. Lilly pads hover atop the water and are dotted by a variety of pink, purple, yellow, blue and white lotus flowers that bloom on and off through the warmer months. Dragonflies zip through the air. Waterbugs paddle through the pond. Crickets chirp and frogs croak. At night, fireflies have been known to illuminate skies and leave a twinkle of natural magic behind.

a crime so old as the sky and bone
he came untied, solid as a stone
all is almost lost and it starts to show
May 21, 2017, 06:27 PM
Lost Creek Hollow
[Image: P62hTF2.png]
Pack Culture
        "One of the things we hope to achieve with Northstar Vale is an interactive, immersive experience for both the players and their characters."  All of the characters involved in the planning and formation of this pack were born and raised here in the Teekon Wilds, which adds a richness of gameplay that few other packs can boast.  Prospective members should strive for realism and expect to experience a wide array of random events and activities.  Ranks, relationships, triumphs, and failures will depend heavily on in character interaction and the roll of the dice."

Hunting and Survival
        All hunts involving Northstar Vale members should be determined by dice roll.  The reason for this is that many of its members are inexperienced adolescents; not all of them are accustomed to hunting, fishing, and tracking.  In addition, learning to work as a team may take some trial and error even for the most experienced wolves.  The pattern of feast and famine is a major and interesting part of nature and will inevitably affect this pack.  In the works is the possibility of a “Cache Register” to make the survival aspect more realistic and to encourage activity among characters with hunting or gathering trades.


Rank Challenges and Spars
        As the founding members of Northstar Vale are just beginning to explore where they fit amongst their peers, rank challenges and friendly spars are highly encouraged.  The method of the challenge is the players’ choice; our main stipulations are as follows:

                a. Members may only challenge wolves one step above their current rank.
                b. Rank challenge threads must be marked all welcome.
                c. It should be understood that these challenges may be interfered with by bystanders or current pack leadership for any reason — these reasons could include personal in character bias [e.g. Wolf A has challenged Wolf B for rank; Wolf C supports Wolf A's claim and joins the fray; Wolf D supports Wolf B's claim and joins the fray, et cetera], a need for a referee [e.g. Wolf A has challenged Wolf B for rank; after damage has been done to both wolves, they still cannot figure out where they fit; Wolf C is a ranking leader who breaks up the fight and the challenge is stalemated, leaving the ranks the same], or various other things.

We advise you to read up on this thread and any links therein if you have questions or concerns about in character conflict or combat.  If you have any questions or concerns that you are unable to work out with your fellow pack member, please direct them to the pack founders in a private message or through a private chat on Slack.  Typically, if the conflict involves a challenge outcome, the result will be determined by dice roll that will be posted in the Northstar Vale Members Only Forum.


The Huntmaster and the Gamemaster
        The Huntmaster and the Gamemaster are OOC positions that will be randomly drawn on the last day of every month.  The Huntmaster gets to choose any prey animal from the designated list of native fauna and start a pack hunting activity for that month, while the Gamemaster gets to choose one random event activity for that month.  These random events may be related to the weather, geography, encroaching predators, et cetera.  All events must be approved via PM by the pack founders before being posted in character.


        Northstar Vale members are encouraged to pursue trades and specialities with their characters.  Characters who contribute more to the pack via holding a trade or profession will generally be ranked higher on the totem pole — however, this may not always be the case, particularly if a wolf holding a trade is more inherently submissive.

Internal Territories
        Internal territories are largely to be decided by the members — founders included!  A thread will be posted in the Northstar Vale Members Only Forum, and members will be encouraged to submit their ideas for internal territories.  In this way, all players are free to help design and customize where their characters live, making it a personalized home for all.  The process is as follows:

                a. The territory must first be approved via PM by the pack founders.
                b. Your character must discover the internal territory in character.

a crime so old as the sky and bone
he came untied, solid as a stone
all is almost lost and it starts to show