King Elk Forest Tindómë
August 18, 2017, 07:51 PM
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Pack Basics

by: mar

Name: Tindómë ( quenya — "starlight dusk" )
Ranks: here
Location: King Elk Forest, Tuktu Hinterlands
Acronym: TDE
Founded: August 21, 2017 (tindómë was officially launched August 18, 2017)
Pack Colours: royal purple (#404056) & champagne (#D1BFB5)



Mato (august 18, 2017 — present)
Delight (november 12, 2017 — present)






Rumor has it that this sprawling tract of massive old trees is home to at least one equally stately elk, the king, with monstrous antlers and more tines than a wolf can count. Rumor also has it that the elk is a wolf-killer, and cannot be hunted. If nothing else, there are plenty of other normal sized elks roaming about this lush forest to feed a hungry predator.
August 19, 2017, 06:02 AM
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Morwinyon — of arcturus
Elentári — star queen
Nénar — of uranus
Carnil — of mercury



Antë — giver



Mahtar — warrior (mercenary)
Urulócë — fire-dragon (hunter)
Ilumírë — world jewel (scout)
Telperion — the white tree (counselor)
Envinyatar — the renewer (caregiver)
Eldarin — elder of two trees (chronicler)
Isilmë — moonlight (naturalist)



Uruitë — fiery (mercenary specialty)
Aparuivë — wild fire (hunter specialty)
Fëanáro — spirit of fire (mercenary)
Narquelion — fire-fading (hunter)
Ruinë — blaze (fire apprentice)



Kementári — earth leader (scout specialty)
Palúrë — bosom of earth (counselor specialty)
Ambar — of earth (scout)
Cemna — earthen (counselor)
Cén — soil (earth apprentice)



Váya — sea (caregiver specialty)
Nénuvar — pool of lilies
Calpa — water-vessel (water apprentice)



Haloisi — in storm (naturalist specialty)
Alaco — wild wind (chronicler specialty)
Súrë — wind (naturalist)
Vailë — of wind (chronicler)
Súriquessë — wind feather (air apprentice)



Histë — dusk
Núro — servant



Lómëar — child of gloom
Nésë — youth
December 16, 2017, 03:25 AM
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Inspired by elements, nature & how it could correlate with Wolf's trades. Tindómë values strength of skill, unity and loyalty above all else. The dominance of tiers comes from knowledge and expressed skill instead of traditional dominance. The wolves of Tindómë (should learn to) speak a combination of Darkenwolf · translator & dictonary (© D&D) and Quenya · dictonary (© J.R.R Tolkein).


To earn the ranks associated with specialties & masteries a wolf must acquire (one of) the specialties/masteries of it’s corresponding trade(s). The lowest ranks in each tier beneath leadership & mastery ranks are where wolves are ranked when they express interest in a trade. If they express no interest all they may hold the “Histë” rank but only with Morwinyon’s assessment and approval as it is the “rank of the grey” and an undetermined wolf can be both a great prize but also a liability. The middle rank(s) in each tier is for wolves that have accomplished the basic trade they have set out to earn. If a wolf decides to change it’s primary trade (which is how they are ranked) they will be issued an IC test with the Master (or the wolf bearing the specialty if none occupy the master rank) of the trade wolf A desires to switch to and Morwinyon present to show that they can efficiently make the switch without upsetting the balance.


With the exception of the leadership and mastery tiers all of the trade coordinated tiers hold the same “rank” and are equal to one another in terms of dominance regardless of if they are mercenary, hunter, chronicler, caregiver, scout, etc. A basic layout of how the hierarchy/dominance goes: Leadership > Mastery > Specialties > Basic Trades > Apprentices > Undetermined > Núro > Youth. indictates rank only in use when it's occupied.


When a pup achieves their first trade they are sorted into the apprentice rank and hold it until they turn nine months of age and can officially join the adult ranks. If, by the age of 6 months a pup doesn't know which trade they wish to pursue they'll be placed in the Lómëar rank as a place holder and upon turning 9 months will be ranked into the standard Núro rank if they still remain undecided.


As Tindómë is contingent and operates by Wolf's trades earning a trade is peremptory (except in the special case of Histë) to joining. Given this there is a 3 month time limit to earn at least one basic trade — or in the case you are waiting on trade threads to finish so you can claim a trade they should be close to being wrapped up by the 3 month mark. If a wolf has not earned a trade in 3 months (extending circumstances notwithstanding) they will be chased from the pack.


Rituals will be held when pups decide their apprenticeships as they make the transition from youth to adult ranks. Seasonal rituals will be held at the coming of each season (spring, summer, fall & winter). Each ritual will be specialized for the season but typically will be celebrated and welcomed by a pack wide hunt & feast.

The King Elk

The "King Elk" will be seen as a (highly respected) guardian of the forest and the wolves of Tindómë will be encouraged to leave it weekly offerings of gathered plants/berries by Mato (leaving offerings for the King Elk is an (easy) way to earn Mato's favor *wink, wink*).