Sunset Valley what is the base of this rage
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        the deciduous trees taper and fade into sweeping and sunken slopes of what, in the months of summer might be swaying grasses, but is now merely snow covered slopes that give way back into deciduous forest broken by what he assumes might be water sources from his perch on higher ground. in the distance he can see the rise of a glacier, the early morning sun touching upon the solid ice fortress. it piques the hellhound's curiosity and it was towards the glacier in the far off distance that karn's path takes him towards. he descends the slope and pads into the forest that blankets the valley floor. he is greeted by the warm aromas of small woodland critters as they scurry up their trees and into their burrows. he pauses to glimpse at a squirrel that chatters at him from the dark bark of a tree above his head. karn curls his lips at the small pest but ultimately keeps moving forwards. he had feasted on the carrion of a poor, lost fawn that had the unfortunate pleasure of stumbling across him before the sun had broken the horizon. it's death had been quick if only because karn had been hungry and his want for food had momentarily outweighed his want for anything else. he is not known for typically being so ...kind.

        karn's path shifts minutely at the sound of shifting ice and salmon pink tongue draws across his jowls at the thought of a nice, ice cold drink. the valley is not plagued by the scent of too many others and for the time being appears to be a good place to allow himself some rest. karn's steps slow as he approaches the bank of the brook, studying the ice that has shallowly frozen the top of the water, ears twitching as the ice creaks as the water tries and fails to move it. he presses a large paw to the ice and subtly applies his weight, hearing it crack in protest. he rolls more weight to his shoulder until the defiant ice splinters apart and the ice cold water rushes over his paw as it sinks in the hole he's created. he retracts it, placing his paw back upon the bank before he thrusts his muzzle into the hole in the ice and laps greedily at the cool water. There is little care for decorum; he is a hellish beast and he is accustomed to taking what he wants.