Ankyra Sound bring me back to broken town, where someone is still alive
All Welcome  January 27, 2018, 04:18 PM
aw, doing the hunting quest

the bark of seals drew the sylph to them, and she prowled along slowly, a singular figure against innumerable mounds of jostling seals. they had grown accustomed to her presence, and eyed her with a haughty blandness that suggested they knew she presented no threat to them alone. caiaphas considered them fairly intelligent adversaries -- perhaps equal or more intelligent than her own species -- and she found the impervious way they largely ignored her presence to be too cavalier for her tastes.

as she passed a particularly swollen cow, she launched a sniping bite at its fat flank out of frustration -- only to be swiftly reprimanded by a thick and heavy clout of tail-fin. incensed but thoroughly rebuked by the cow, caiaphas ruefully stalked on, looking for any sign of a lost pup -- or, she bitterly thought with a hopeful ruefulness, a sow so fat it died of heart attack.

this house was my flowered heart,
but my petals have fallen.