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All Welcome  January 27, 2018, 04:31 PM
Lone Wolves

ingram vs shark prompt. spolier alert: he loses -- archiving since i messed up my timeline, will continue at a later date

it was not ingram's intention that day to come face to face with a shark. he had spent too long in the tidal flats and had not noticed the tide return until the swell had swallowed the last sandbar -- leaving him anchored on the tall rise of rocky inlets with nothing to do but either wait for the tide to recede again, or brave swimming back.

since he was rash, and fairly stupid, he elected to try his luck swimming back to shore. the distance was not something that troubled him, but as he started to swim for the shore he started to realize his folly: ahead, cutting through the dark water was a triangular fin that moved with a seamless quickness ingram would never hope to match.


thankfully, the shark was either well-fed or stupid, and simply circled before it continued on its way.