Blackfeather Woods Blackfeather Woods
February 27, 2018, 03:01 AM
Blackfeather Woods
Dark Master
[Image: qB1dScH.png]

Dwelling within a shaded forest brought to life by the late Meldresi Melonii, this pack carries a name influenced by its resident flocks of crows and ravens: Blackfeather Woods. Founded by the Priestess following her departure from Ouroboros Spine, the pack of shadows and secrets has survived everything from forces of nature at work, to war, and even inner turmoil within the leading ranks. Persevering through all, they’ve existed for years, building a reputation for themselves that make them an ally to some but an enemy to most—and a weapon to be wielded by those conniving souls unable to dirty their own paws or soil the purity of their names.

Known for their bloodstained borders and rancid odour of decay and swamp fumes, those within this pack are often regarded with a mixture of disgust and fear—yet, it is not the pack itself that embodies a living, breathing nightmare, but the secret cult hidden within the peak of their ranks. Known as the Dark Brotherhood, those that have proved their loyalty and devotion to the pack make up this organisation. They are the ones that sweep across the world leaving chaos in their wake, taking lives and relaying information, for both personal gains and under the employment of others.

Pack Basics

Name: Blackfeather Woods
Location: Kintla Flatlands
Acronym: BFW
Founded: September 7th, 2014
Founding Leader: Meldresi (Alisha)
Pack Colours: Fear & Blood (#6b1824 & #1a3f73)

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February 27, 2018, 03:03 AM
Blackfeather Woods
Dark Master
[Image: DBA8Jz6.png]

[Image: lQdECzM.png]The Dark Brotherhood has always been an organization with the purpose of assassination and professional killing. They are the harbingers of death and executors of silent, covert assassinations. Besides working in the field of assassinations, the organization itself was a clandestine operations group. The Brotherhood’s divine purpose was to serve the Dread Lord and follow his desires, which they achieved through the word of the Night Mother.

The Dark Brotherhood is composed of several branches spread out across the world, each with different methods but all with the same divine purpose. All of the branches of the Brotherhood are made up of three different classes of brothers and sisters: priests and priestesses, which keep contact with the Dread Father and the Night Mother, interpreting their signs and instructions through different methods of scrying; spies that gather valuable information for the brotherhood and maintain different forms of foreign relations; and assassins, the trained killers that operate as the main weapon for the Brotherhood, and carry out the contracts they acquire.

The governing body of the Dark Brotherhood is called the Black Paw. It is composed of five members: four Speakers (digital pads) and a Listener (dewclaw). The Listener telepathically listens to and receives commands from the Night Mother, relaying them to the four Speakers. The Speakers then issue the commands and initiate the contracts to be completed by the Brotherhood’s Silencers, which are the “claws” of the Black Paw.

In Blackfeather Woods, the Black Paw is represented by the Dark Council, with the Listener, Speaker, and Silencer being the head Priest, Spy, and Assassin respectively, and the Dark Master acting as the primary leader.

Primary Deities

MEPHALA · Mephala is a Daedric Prince whose sphere is obscured to mortals. Her sphere seems to indicate a careful plan carried out through executions, each life a portion of a massive web and sees the affairs of mortals as a weave—pull but one thread and the whole thing unravels. Mephala is often associated with simple concepts such as lies, sex, murder, and the interference in the affairs of mortals for amusement. She is thought to be the ancestor that taught the mortals the skills they would need to evade their enemies and to kill them in secret.
[Image: IqsZ6v2.png]

[Image: SIMCBn3.png]
THE NIGHT MOTHER · To the Dark Brotherhood, Mephala is known as the Night Mother. She is the head of the Dark Brotherhood hierarchy and serves as its spiritual leader, an immortal entity who is revered and worshiped by the Brotherhood. She is only ever met face-to-face in very exceptional circumstances and is witnessed in a phantom-like form. When a wolf prays for the death of another, the Night Mother hears and passes on the details of the prayer to her Listener, a wolf who possesses a telepathic bond with her. At this point, the Listener informs a Speaker, who then goes to meet the hiring party in order to draw up a contract. According to Dark Brotherhood beliefs, she is the wife of Sithis and bore five children. To Blackfeather Woods, the Night Mother is represented by Meldresi, their founder, Eternal Queen, and direct connection to the Void.

SITHIS · Also known as the Dread Father, Sithis is the representation of the primordial state of chaos and the Void, where the spirits of the dead go after their lives are over—at least in the beliefs of the worshipers of Mephala and her consort. He is also the patron of the Dark Brotherhood and is said to be the husband of the Night Mother.

Mortals often represent Sithis as a skeletal being, signifying his relation to death. In truth, the Dread Lord is formless and as infinite as the Void. Sithis is described as the embodiment of everything evil but, at the same time, he is described as being nothing at all; a void. He is appeased by death—although he himself is not a God of death—and other acts of suffering and strife.
[Image: 2eK0mab.png]

Lore credits: i & ii; illustrations by Anthony.

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Blackfeather Woods
Dark Master

Pack Hierarchy

Blackfeather Wood operates on a system based primarily on the Dark Brotherhood. Due to this, members are encouraged to complete the necessary tasks so that they might ascend into, and then through, the Brotherhood. Although there exists no requirement for those that join to someday become a Brother or Sister, those that remain at the base rank throughout the duration of their membership are frequently viewed as lesser or incompetent individuals and are less likely to be trusted with tasks beyond the trivial stage.

At the helm resides the Dark Council, composed of those that hold a position of power within both the pack itself and the Brotherhood. Below them falls the Dark Brotherhood itself, which houses the more trusted and valued members.

Then falls the Initiates, creating the tier that houses those that are either new or undergoing training prior to being allowed to join the Brotherhood.

The children of the pack remain within the Youth Tier until they have reached adulthood. At which point, they may either leave to pave their own paths in the world, or begin their true training to ascend through the ranks.

Dark Council

Dark Master · Blackfeather Woods recognizes no King or Queen other than its founder and late Priestess, Meldresi, so the regent and head of the pack takes the name of Dark Master; they make decisions maintaining the Eternal Queen’s vision to the best of their abilities.

Listener · Also known as High Priest or Priestess of the Dark Brotherhood. They are the primary Priest(ess) and spiritual counselor of the pack, striving to maintain a connection with the Night Mother and earn the favor of the Dread Father and Daedric Princes.

Speaker · The lead Spy and Master of the Whispers within Blackfeather Woods. Whoever holds this title has earned the Dark Master’s absolute trust, and will be punished accordingly should they betray the Dark Brotherhood or its secrets.

Silencer · Acting as the head Assassin and war advisor to the Dark Master, the Silencer serves as a weapon as well as a defender that trains the initiates of the pack in combat. The wolf with this title is often viewed as the deadliest individual within the pack and Brotherhood both.

Dark Brotherhood

Executioner · The highest possible title for the Assassins, without being named a member of the Dark Council.

Informant · The highest possible title for the Spies, without being named a member of the Dark Council.

Necromancer · The highest possible title for the Priests and Priestesses, without being named a member of the Dark Council.

Scourge · The base title for the Assassins of the Brotherhood.

Snitch · The base title for the Spies of the Brotherhood.

Conjurer · The base title for the Priests and Priestesses of the Brotherhood.

Initiate · The beginning rank for members of the Brotherhood. Those occupying this rank have joined but have not yet reached the point of joining a specific branch.

Middle Tier & Lower Tier

Ranks within these two tiers follow the traditional Greek system. Members located in these tiers have either not yet met the necessary requirements to join the Dark Brotherhood, or have decided against joining altogether. Members can rise and fall in these ranks and do not need to join the Brotherhood in order to be better trusted or utilised.


Apprentice · Upon reaching six months of age, Spiderlings may either pick or be picked by a member of the Brotherhood to serve as their apprentice. During this time, these children will undergo extensive training in preparation for finding their calling, whether that means becoming an Assassin, Spy, or Priest(ess).

Spiderling · Children of the woods maintain this rank from birth up until they are six months of age. Both those born into and beyond Blackfeather are awarded this rank.


Disgrace · Those that have broken the rules or acted against either the Dark Council or Brotherhood are declared disgraces to the pack. They will undergo punishments befitting of their actions and may be unable to rise immediately back to their previous rank following their release from the title, depending on the severity of their crime.

Captive · These individuals have been taken captive by the Brotherhood for one reason or another, whether it be to pay the price of a crime, have information extracted from them, or a variety of other reasons. These wolves will be treated as servants throughout the duration of their stay, and are always to be accompanied by a member of the Brotherhood unless locked away in the tunnels.

Leadership History


Kove · Dark Master (Feb. 13, 2017–Present)
                → Listener (Jan. 04, 2018–Feb. 13, 2018)


Meldresi · Alpha (Sept. 07, 2014–Nov. 09, 2015)
Bane · Beta (Jan. 2015–Feb. 2015)
Burke · Alpha (Jun. 10, 2015–Jun. 14, 2016)
                → Beta (Apr. 08, 2015–Jun. 10, 2015)
Akela · Beta (Sept. 27, 2015–Nov. 2015)
Damien · Dark Master (Jun. 15, 2016–???)
Potema · Listener (Jul. 30, 2017–???)
                → Listener (Jun. 26, 2016–???)
Cicero · Speaker (Jun. 26, 2016–???)
Nemesis · Dark Master (Dec. 2, 2016–May 27, 2017)
                → Silencer (Jun. 26, 2016–???)
                → Beta (Feb. 2016–Jun. 26, 2016)
Atshen · Dark Master (May 27, 2017–???)
                → Silencer (???–May 27, 2017)
Astrid · Dark Master (July 28, 2017–???)
                → Speaker (Jun. 12, 2017–July 28, 2017)
Vaati · Dark Master (???–Feb. 13, 2018)

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February 27, 2018, 03:08 AM
Blackfeather Woods
Dark Master
[Image: tgm5WFJ.png]

[Image: pZ1ktxK.jpg]

Just south of Greatwater Lake stands the looming forest that is Blackfeather Woods, existing as the only one of its kind throughout the entirety of the Kintla Flatlands. Shrouded in shadows and hidden from view by the thick canopy and foliage, there are very few locations spread throughout the territory that allow light to seep through. The wolves of these woods thrive in the darkness, living alongside a murder of crows and a conspiracy of ravens—two great kingdoms that are constantly at war with one another, with affairs that the wolves rarely involve themselves in.

[Image: Oh13u9p.jpg]

BLOOD GARDEN · An elliptic patch of roses, stretching out approximately ten feet wide and eleven feet long. Despite having little sunlight reach them, their growth does not seem to be stunted, the flowers blooming with brilliant shades of red, ranging from crimson to cherry. Growing closely together, the bushes create a dense bedding of roses, unable to be seen through but providing a soft place to lay—as long as one is careful and does not find themselves becoming a victim of the thorns below.

[Image: a12cnzY.jpg]

NAMIRA’S MIRE · Located on the eastern edges of Blackfeather Woods, where there lies a large, dark swamp. Named after the Daedric Goddess of Decay, the notably repulsive creatures such as spiders and various insects call this place home—along with many other forms of life. Frogs and fish call these waterways home, as do the herons that occasionally nest here and the lizards that scurry in and out of view. For those that do not mind getting down and dirty—and can withstand the heat and influx of biting insects come the summer months—the mire can be a good location to hunt.

[Image: 5nshtEr.jpg]

NIGHTCALLER TEMPLE · At the center of Wispmother’s Grotto lies a small, sloping hollow, devoid of trees. Rocks jut haphazardly in random places in the small dip in the land, some in almost a rectangular shape, reminiscent of a graveyard. At its center, a large rock—nearly four wolves tall—lies, cleaved nearly in half by unknown forces. The end of the split forms a bowl-like crevice in the rock, perfect for placing offerings. At night, streaks of blue-green light illuminate the rock, thanks to mycelium of bioluminescent mushrooms that form a ring around the altar.

[Image: pacGRGR.jpg]

REDGROVE · In the heart of Blackfeather Woods, bushes as red as blood carpet this section of the dark forest. The foliage isn’t as dense as it is in most other parts of the woods, which makes it one of the lightest places within its reaches. Redgrove used to house a settlement of crows, led by Erebus, before the ravens took over. Lead by their matriarch, Morrigan, they raided the place and left behind not a trace of the previous inhabitants. Now the main base of operation for the ravens, those that visit here can often hear them cawing and cackling.

[Image: 2VNX1EG.jpg]

SPIDERLING’S GLEN · A hidden glen that acts as the pack’s nursery, located near the heart of the woods. It is kept so well hidden that one might fall over into it without even realising, making it one of the safest locations to whelp. Three steep walls surround this area, stretching high enough that a fall from above could kill a wolf on impact. There is but one easy slope that allows access to the glen, littered with thick foliage whilst vines climb the other three. A stray branch of Otter Creek runs through here, drizzling down from the highest point and creating a shallow pool right below it. A section of this pool has split away, tracing a path through the glen before disappearing into a large whelping den; large enough to house up to three mothers at once, it provides comfort and space for mothers. Tucked into a corner, obscured by shadows, rocks, and vines, is an entrance into the Web, giving those residing there a quick escape should one be needed.

[Image: 3USwxav.jpg]

WEEPING MEADOW · Here the forest gives way to a clearing, with a weeping willow stationed right at its center. Infected, the tree regularly releases spores into the air, slowly poisoning those that dare to get too close. The spores cause hallucinations, fatigue, disorientation, and vomiting within just minutes of being in close proximity to the tree. Over time, with long-term exposure, an addiction may develop, along with various health conditions; trouble breathing, a persistent cough, deficiency in the olfactory system, and so on.

[Image: xjKe2IB.jpg]

WISPMOTHER GROTTO · In the northeast corner of the territory is a silent, bleak swamp. It is commonly swathed in a blanket of white fog, but when the mists are cleared, pale blue wisps of ethereal flames appear. They dance eerily in the air to some unheard music, creating an almost awe-inspiring scene for any onlookers. Hardly any other animals are heard in this neck of the swamp, and those that do reside there are assassins in their own right.

[Image: 6VE3vOl.png]

Underneath Blackfeather Woods, there is an expansive, intricate tunnel and cave system. With several entrances dotted around the territory, some hidden and other open caverns, a Blackfeather wolf can slip in and out of their hidden sanctuary with ease. Deep into the tunnels, glowing mushrooms and glowworms light up the darkness, and an underwater river provides a source of clean water for the inhabitants.

[Image: xYomUIF.jpg]

DEATH’S GATE · Near the southern border of the pack, a few hundred feet into the territory, there is a large ravine known as Death’s Gate. The soft soil in what used to be a clearing eroded over time and formed this ravine. Easily fifty feet deep at its lowest point, it snakes through the land for another hundred feet, with an average width of 10 feet that fluctuates are various points. Some parts of Mephala’s Web are visible from the top, their pathways simply ending at various points of the steep drop, as well as many animals who have fallen into the Gate. The ravine is flanked on all sides by thick bushes and trees, making it hard to notice until you are right above it—resulting in the death of many. It is connected to Spiderling’s Glen through a narrow pass that seems to swallow the stream that flows from the Glen’s pool.

[Image: ctcjtAm.jpg]

FELLGLOW KEEP · The heart of Mephala’s Web is a large chamber that inter-connects every tunnel within the cave system. Many streams of filtered water find their way down here, making the Keep a wet place. Its ceiling resembles a night sky, lit up by hundreds of glowworms and fluorescent mushrooms.

[Image: yMUMwBe.jpg]

MELDRESI’S KEEP · Named after the late queen of Blackfeather Woods, the main herb-store of the pack is kept in a small crevice beside a large cave which acts as its infirmary: Meldresi’s Keep. The area itself is partially opened to sunlight by a waterfall that drops into an underground pond. This pond takes up more than half of the cave and provides those residing there with fresh water and a place to wash out wounds. The rest of the Keep is kept dry and covered in mosses and pelts for the sick and injured to lay on.

[Image: sVUJ1Dw.jpg]

WOLFSKULL CAVE · Located to the east of Weeping Meadow in the side of a rocky hill, the cave is naturally foreboding with stalactites and stalagmites at its entrance making it look like a mouth full of teeth. The skulls and pelts of several animals decorate the entrance, increasing its overall effect on the prisoner. The cave’s interior has low lighting and is largely uncomfortable with the stalactites and stalagmites sprouting everywhere. A smaller chamber on the right-hand side is reserved for torture. In the furthest part, there is a small tunnel largely hidden from view which connects to Mephala’s Web.

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