Ravensblood Forest Ravensblood Forest
March 05, 2018, 12:23 PM
Swiftcurrent Creek
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Pack Basics

Name: Ravensblood Forest
Ranks: Click Here
Location: Sequoia Coast
Acronym: RBF
Founded: February 20, 2018
Pack Colours: #5E1622 & #272B26




Constantine: Regal (February 20, 2018 — present)


Name here: Past Rank (Start Date — End Date)


After finding the ruins of his old pack, Donnelaith and the assumption that his sisters, Deirdre and Emaleth, did not survive the fire, Constantine had shed the final vestiges of his youth and naivety, hardening himself to the world. Disappearing for a time, the ebony Mayfair has found himself once more in Teekon Wilds, unable to keep away despite the devastation that has taken everything he has ever loved and Constantine desired to move forward in his life – to finally settle to a place he would call home, after being wayward for so long.
Having taken in a few cultures during his travels, the Mayfair looked to create a pack of simplicity and of stricter ruling – but not something of unfairness. Picking certain laws and beliefs from his old packs – from the rigid structure and battle sense of the wolves of Tartok, to the desire of a more rounded pack of skilled wolves from Blacktail Deer Plateau, Constantine sought to stake claim upon Ravensblood Forest – close to The Sentinels, where his father and sisters (as he believes) rest in eternal slumber.


One of the darker features of the Wilds, this forest is nestled in the shadow of two mountains, one on each side. At first glance, it's a normal collection of sequoia trees but upon closer inspection, you'll usually find hardened, glossy red sap dribbling down the trunks. Some say the trees are 'bleeding', and in a way, they are. Add all of this to the fact that there's a myth or two surrounds the forest about how to see a dead raven here means your time death is coming near and you have the stuff of nightmares to scare the pups into behaving. Territory description written by Nanuk.

Important Notes

— Ravensblood Forest is a pack that heavily uses WOLF's dice rolling system to introduce an aspect of tabletop RP to it's members. Fights, hunts and other aspects of the pack should fully utilize the use of the game's dice rolling system.

— Each season, a lottery of 3 members are randomly selected to participate in a 'whump' from a premade list — also determined by a random dice roll. If being forced to have severe injury or have your character placed in a situation they normally would not find themselves in, we do not recommend RBF for that specific character.

— The pack does not have a traditional rank shuffling system. Three leadership spots are given to 'Council' members, who are voted upon ICly by other pack members each season, and so have the potential to switch around quite often. Ranks are otherwise given through a variety of trades acquired by a character, activity and pack IC standing.

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