Dragoncrest Cliffs after the fact
All Welcome  May 19, 2018, 07:52 PM
Beneath vast clear skies, his lengthiest patrol for the day stretched to their cliffside's southern edge, angling towards their own coastlines now that his paws had come as south as he had intended to. By now, as the hours passed nondescript for today, he began to wind down and slow to a mosey. He still kept a scrutinizing eye turned towards the direction of Ankyra in the distance, though, daring something to pull his curiosities on this otherwise very mild day--so far, yet, all stayed quiet, and contemplative in his respite, he eventually went on his way to peruse onward.

He stopped to mark occasionally since he was all the way out here and it was very much a habit, so why not, and kept his gait slow in between the stops. He went on wholly lacking the march of earlier, thinking that soon, he would shift gears—if not urged otherwise by the route underfoot.
June 10, 2018, 02:33 PM
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would you mind pulling this to sometime after Branwen joined (May 30th)? if not, I can delete!
        Branwen set to work familiarizing herself with the territory; it was lovely, she thought, trailing along the borders and occasionally adding her own scent. Now that she had arrived, her thoughts had turned towards the future— both immediate and long-term. Honestly, she had kind of fooled herself into thinking she had a plan during the journey. Whatever it was, it was entirely forgotten now that she was here. She had no plan.
        The scent of another nearby drew her from her thoughts. Eager to meet some of her new packmates, Branwen put her nose to the ground and trotted after the other. He soon came into view— tall, older, cloaked in shades of gold and cream. She approached with a chuff and a dip of her head, tail wagging. Hello. Mind if I join you?
June 20, 2018, 10:22 PM
that's fine with me!
His route went on until he was no longer alone, and to the sound of an unfamiliar voice vying for his attention, he slowed up with a half-pivot. He quickly took that chance to look her up and down, and the wag of her tail inspired a slow one of his to match. "Hei," he answered back with an affirmative bob of his own muzzle back towards her.

Not about to turn aside the company (when he could benefit from a good distraction anyway), he stepped forward for the original path again. "Sure, but it's been quiet out here so far." He wasn't anticipating much to see. Not an exciting walk, but one marked with purpose and he was always glad for the peace thanks to what it meant for his duties. Most days. "I'm Dio. Wocha," he said, glancing over his shoulder.