Fairspell Meadow spirited away
All Welcome  May 24, 2018, 08:20 PM
The Traveler
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A luminous evening sun had painted the terrain in shades of salmon and tangerine. The sky overhead danced with a flood of thick storm clouds, carrying the weight of millions of droplets within its breast. Spring had allowed for the grass to grow tall and wild, filling the meadow like a crisp ocean of green and yellow. While it was not yet time for them, the berry bushes that lined the edges of the territory were budding with the promise of new fruits; the Traveler had taken an interest in these.
The stallion stood with a swishing tail, lips mulling over the prickly branches with care. He sought any that might have formed early but was finding only a few that were worth his attention. The sun struck against the sharp contrast of white and russet along his body, but the Traveler only enjoyed the warmth that it offered. Picking further at the berry bush, the steed swiveled his ears atop his crown to catch signs of any approaching predator that might threaten his feast.
When the pinto had grown tired of his search, he turned his attention to the lengthy grass. Each plodding step was accented by a tugging of the earthly greens.
May 27, 2018, 02:18 AM
she did not like the woods, deep and dark as they were. while they were kept cool by the absence of sun, there was a quality about them that she did not like--whether it was the cover, so unlike the open tundra, or something deeper, she didn't know. she strayed outside the border quite often, finding solace in the flatlands surrounding the trees. usually, she was alone.

not today.

Tahani's ears perked as she caught sight of the beast, grazing a few large leaps away. it was. . .unlike anything she had seen before. different than a moose or elk, and not as shaggy as a musk ox. it was beautiful, painted with red and white with large, luminous dark eyes. the smell of it was enticing, and she lowered herself to the ground, content to watch for now.

she was no special hunter, and she was keenly aware of the sharp-edged hooves half-hidden in the grass. with a group, she might fare well against this animal; as it were, it would be a fool's errand to go after the creature alone. no, watching would do for now. . .and she waited for it to notice her, too.

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