Ankyra Sound dark decider
All Welcome  May 29, 2018, 07:26 PM
Wild Fauna

time to go, friends!

in easy and lumbering strides the titan crossed the sandy threshold, doll-black eyes peering into the darkness. the scent of a cache had drawn him from his wooden depths, had led the great beast right to the grotto's doorstep. only one wolf had encountered him so far -- a wispy mother-wolf that quailed under his bellow and after a brief chase, had managed to elude him. he cared not for the sanctity it held for these strandwolves, and plunged into the tunnel with raspy breaths sounding his entrance.

the scent of frequent wolven visitation hounded his senses; yet any wolf who dared deny him his meal would come face-to-face with their maker in the form of claws that had sundered many, and felled creatures far greater than slavering hounds. his claws raked ominously down the limestone, and the beast bowed his head as a yawning cavern met him.

he fell upon the wolves' cache with interminable hunger; his chestnut jowls slavering as bone splintered between yellowed teeth. once the ursine monstrosity had eaten his fill, he loosened a deafening roar that galloped into the darkness and spilled out into the sound -- this was his abode now, and any wolf that entered would find their fate ended with teeth and nothing but.