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September 24, 2018, 05:37 PM
The Melonii
'Bruvver' echoed the moonchild and Damien smiled. Yes! he said with excitement, he said, but realized that though the word had stuck with her Averna perhaps gave little meaning to it and maybe he should stick to the basics. Family, he said, We're family, and reached out to gently kiss their fore heads hoping that this way he would be related positively in their little minds.

Come on, lets see if we can find your mother. he said after standing up again. Enough progress had been made and Damien was actually happy with the way his first real interaction with his nieces had developed.

September 26, 2018, 03:43 AM
Blackfeather Woods
The pale child still did not understand what a 'brother' was. She had heard the word 'family', though to her it meant as much as pack. It was not her caretaker that had used this word, after all, for her caretaker could not speak. It was pack that had denoted her and the dark one as well as the caretaker as family; that had denoted all of them as such. The difference between these two words were lost on the ghost.

She allowed the kiss to be placed on her head, though she did not fully understand it. Such affections were usually given only by the caretaker and sometimes the dark one. A few others would but maybe it was a pack thing -- a family thing.

As the larger dark wolf suggested they should find 'mother', which to the pale child's knowledge was a name for the caretaker, she got to her feet. The ghost head-bumped the dark one and chuffed to get her into motion, ready for a race-to-the-caretaker.
October 06, 2018, 08:15 PM
Blackfeather Woods
the dark cub remained silent, her gaze resting on averna with a peculiar intensity. her ears flicked as damien's breath hung over her skull; he supplanted them both a kiss, which was only allowed out of astara's good graces for the older doppleganger. he was fun, so she would tolerate the gesture of affection -- even if she squirmed and raised holy hell when her mother attempted such tender ministrations.

averna was moving; she swung her skull towards astara and bashed her - the collision was insult enough, and astara responded with a thick growl before she shook off the blow and galloped off. wherever the pair went, she would be their slinking shadow -- taking care to avoid any more nips or skull-bashes in the process.

brother, sister too - do what you must do,
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