Nova Peak milton goes for a hike
All Welcome  June 06, 2018, 01:45 AM
Meltin’ Milton
Lone Wolves

Come play with me!

It was a pretty night. There were stars in the sky that twinkled. There was a mountain in front of him. Milton was not always good with climbing. He liked to hike but he would fall down sometimes. The mountain was large and scary. Milton did not want to fall on the mountain and hurt his little legs. He was still scared after he had drowned with the pretty white wolf. He hoped that he would find better friends. She had been rude to him and he did not like rude people.
Milton trotted and danced. He was happy to be alive. He started to hike the mountain and he stumbled on a rock really soon. It hurt his foot. He looked at it and felt sad that he was not good at things. He wanted to be better at hiking so he could see high up things. Milton could not swim and Milton could not hike but Milton wanted to learn both. He tried again to hike and climbed a little higher than before. It was dark so it was harder to see. He wondered if he would find a new friend there.