Firefly Glen the sword and the axe
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Set later in the evening; sun going down beyond the mountains.
Citrine glittered off of the tips of the trees as though they had been touched by an evening dew. In the heart of the glen, bugs began to stir and rise in a cacophony of chirps and string-like harmony. Had his spirit not belonged to the high altitude and frigid tips of the mountains, Kodlak would have found himself a suitable home in the depths of the woods. There was something eerily comforting about the echo against a tall tree trunk, and the quiet hum of crickets as the evening turned to night.
Areas with thicker trees and woodland did not gather much snow in the colder seasons. There were many trees that were able to withstand the temper of winter and hold their foliage year-round. Kodlak wished it wasn’t true, for he felt at home in the chilling touch of a snowy stone, or the soft first fall of the year. Summer had only just arrived, and he was already yearning for the return of snowfall and frosted peaks. It would be a matter of months before the air would turn colder and the winds would whip great clouds that carried promise of storms. Until then, the Nord aimed for the jagged rocks of the mountainside to relieve the burning state of summertime temperatures.
June 07, 2018, 07:11 AM
The last time Vela had been in this glen she had met a very interesting character. The dark male had a curious way of thinking that had sparked a thought process in her own mind. The girl was starting to think that the attack on Moonspear's borders hadn't been random. Perhaps it had been a mission, a bigger picture. Vela was curious why this wolf had attacked her. The only way to find out, she believed, was to confront that same wolf. She would need to go to Black Feather and find the wolf that attacked her. The only thing she struggled with was that she had no clue where this Blackfeather Woods was. She decided to head out in the only territory she knew well, the glen.

Maybe she would meet another interesting stranger, or better yet, a scout that could show her the way. She would need to travel fast as she was pretty sure her father would never approve of such a mission. Vela thought differently about that. She felt that she had enough training to protect herself and that it was the time that she wasn't such a pack dweller. She was curious about the different types of land out there and how they felt under her paws, instead of the hard mountain she lived on al her life. Vela trotted toward when she heard another approach. The speckled female stopped in her tracks and tried to see if she knew this approaching creature or not.