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look who's UP AND RUNNING and having some BABIES. ofc @Dio is welcome in/outside the den, portia won't bite him for being at his side. dalia is in and out of the den gathering moss etc. and i'm -assuming- @Rose will be taking lead here? dalia is doing whatever rose is telling her to do lol. but anyway. welcome to the world my BEAUTIFUL CHILDRENS, @Dacio, @Opalia, @Sequoia omg omg omg

this was not portia's first walk in the park, no, but that made it even worse. now, she knew what to expect, and she knew it wasn't pleasant. whatever, power through today and later would be better-- so much better. she'd have new babies to spoil and love alongside her beautiful husband and her gorgeous sylph of an older daughter. dalia must be so excited. these were the things she thought about, even through all the pain-- because positivity was the best thing you could offer your children-- especially this early on.


through proper coaching by rose and her own knowledge of giving birth (she was supposed to be a midwife, anyway), portia eventually made it through and gave birth to three-- wow, three-- little wonders. first a boy, and then two girls!!! thrilled, tired, and all too happy, portia licked at them and nudged them all to her stomach to nurse. tired and wanting to wipe out ... but also unable to stop herself from staring at the little miracles that she and dio brought into this world.
June 07, 2018, 02:56 AM
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I'll probably edit this a thousand times to get it right, but here's a quick one for now.   xD

One moment, the world was still. Quiet. Peaceful. In the next, his entire being was forced from the familiarity of the womb and into an unknown tunnel that, ultimately, pushed him writhing into the world.

He entered it unwillingly, his tiny body wriggling in a desperate bid to escape what was sure to be a cruel fate as he was roughly freed from the amniotic sac that encased him and allowed him to breathe for the first time. With air in his lungs, the ashen newborn found the strength to part his little jaws and openly, loudly wail his outrage at having been taken from the comfort of his home and dropped, entirely vulnerable, in a place he did not know.

It was only with his mother's gentle touch and the familiar hum of a voice he knew from within, that he was willed to settle. His cries softened to little mewls and the fear melted away as he was guided toward a new source of ease. Nestled between the warm shapes of his litter-mates, the one that was to be called Dacio latched onto an offered teat and suckled greedily, tiny paws working against his dam's undersides to better release her milk into his hungry maw.
June 07, 2018, 06:30 AM
She remembered nothing prior to now. It was unlikely that she would remember now, but here she was anyway. The world around her was cold and wet, but slowly things began to improve. First, there was the sensation of warmth and dryness coming from something that Seq would later learn was the color pink. This was her mother: Portia. Of course, Seq couldn’t actually see that her mother’s tongue was pink. Instead, her brain had instantly made the connection without her even opening her tiny little eyes.

The other two things that eventually settled beside her–Opalia and Dacio–were with the colors lime green and lavender respectively. Their scents were instantly ingrained in Sequoia’s mind along with her mother and the faint scent of her father, Dio (who was just a shade darker than her sister, Opalia). A final scent and color arrived in the form of a deep, bright plum, which Sequoia would later learn was Rose.

Sustenance in the form of milk was quick to put Sequoia to sleep, and the taste of it was the last thing her tiny baby brain noted before she fell into a dreamless slumber.

No longer speaks Trigedasleng regularly.
June 07, 2018, 11:19 PM
Oh, finally, she arrived. In that very moment, a lot changed for the little blot born of the healer and the guardian. Quickly in her little bubble of a world, or rather, now lack thereof as her mother knowingly cleaned her free, she suddenly had to adjust to this new chapter of her life, beyond the confines of all she had ever known, and all she had ever been, really.

She cleared her lungs with a big gasp for someone so small. Suddenly, everything was so very, very real. And cold!! Terribly drafty, exposed, out in the relative open like this—now she was not to sure, especially once sensations processed all as weird and horrifyingly all around her. She found the force in her to belt out a few good squeaky complaints, some note in between a whine and a cry as she squirmed.

But, with that said and evidently easing off her mind, she quieted after and wobbled less. Each fuss was quieter than the last—soothed, gradually, and soon back among all the others she had known before. It was just a little different this time. Not bad. Just.. different. She was comfortably tucked against the warm fur of Portia's belly, eventually nestled amongst her siblings.

Well, now, her complaints didn't seem so necessary. What else could she need? What else was there?

She muffled her last whimpers into a grumble as she started to feed instead, and then the real, satisfying contentment followed. Opalia, though it was still going to be a minute before she would answer as such, wriggled herself in close and now took to the new feeling of warm, fresh milk with gusto—until it was the heavy weight of a mighty sleep that stopped her.
June 08, 2018, 12:19 AM
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Time passed in slow motion. Weeks leading up to this had given him plenty of time to think about it in every agonizing detail, but in the very end, it was of no real effect now that it was coming down to the wire here. As he watched Portia begin to ail in earnest over their arrival, with Rose and Dalia overseeing as needed, so he defaulted to what he could do best—guard the place, with a healthy side of worrying.

Mostly he tried to stay out of their way, but he was attentive in case needed somehow, even if this was a circumstance he felt the ladies could handle without him smack in the very middle of it all crowding up the place. Still, they were his, he had helped put them all in this position, and mostly, this was his wife they were concerning here. He couldn't imagine not being at least a little worried. It was different than last year, sure. Far less unknown, but the whole nature of the process would always put him on edge. For Portia, and the puppies.

He was still plenty restless about this, so alternated between checking in at his mate's side and pacing around outside on guard. While vigilance of his caliber was nothing to question, he kept his ears flicking towards the den, hopeful, eager, and trying desperately to be patient and willing Portia all the good luck she could need. He had been in the middle of one such anxious pace when he finally did hear telltale puppy squeaks, which renewed the race of his heart all over again. This had him hugging closer to the entrance, but still, he held fast to his patience and only poked his head back in when he hoped everything had settled down.

As his eyes adjusted to the den's dark, he slid carefully nearer to Portia with a soft whine as he spied the three little dollops of fur tucked beside her when close enough to try to lick her muzzle and face. Although he was very hesitant to disturb any peace here, he still had to know: "Everything good?" Everyone, he could have said, although instead he just glanced back at the tiny trio pointedly. "Need anything?" he asked for maybe the hundredth time this week and patted the den floor with a gentle beat of his tail now that the real relief was coming and the sheer delight could set in after
June 16, 2018, 06:59 AM
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"just you," portia said softly, panting gently as her husband came forward, accepting his nudges and kisses before moving her head to kiss each baby gently. each of them were so precious, even the boy, who portia noted looked an awful lot like sirio did as a baby-- only with a far more saturated palette. what did she expect? she made love with the same man-- their children were bound to look similar. so she ignored it, especially since they were hardly little balls of fur yet anyhow. 

she hoped dio would rest with her now, bask in the glow of the newborns. she curled her tail protectively around the little family, nosing at dio's chin. though her leg had still not fully healed, at this point it was likely it never would, portia was thinking only happy, painless thoughts. she was content, she was happy, life was good.
June 21, 2018, 12:09 AM
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Evidently, her needs were well met. "Easy enough," he rumbled and leaned into  his touches just enough. He was here, not intending to change that any time soon, so she may have all she want and this did lend him more momentary relief. But, he'd ask again later, hunt, fetch whatever she desired, and howl out to tell their pack mates that everything was fine-that three new little ones had arrived safe, sound.

For now, she deserved to have her peace and he would make sure she could have it. When he felt like Portia had almost been showered in enough affections, he dialed them back and delicately got comfortable with them all in his sights. He took this time to better focus on the pups, even if he could scarcely tell where to begin. What he chose (after scooting in even closer) was a gentle touch for each of their backs and he set to memorizing their scents before he could know them any better. Two girls, and one boy, he knew how precious they were to him already, and to finally get to see, smell, and feel them; he was just so glad--and grateful this had all gone smoothly. Tension in his posture had melted away, and he beamed to himself and his tail kept the slow, happy rhythm against the den's floor. He was lucky, he knew, and had seen plenty in his years, but little else compared right now.

In time, they would need names to match them each, and he distantly hoped that one day they would earn Drakru too. But for this moment right here and now, he was busy enough soaking in the present. "Glad they're here.." he murmured when he lifted his head and peered at his piebald mate. "And that all is well," he leveled another glance to let her tell him otherwise--although he hoped not. "I'll let everyone know in a bit," he added as he returned to sights centered upon the new brood.
July 29, 2018, 08:33 AM
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and with that, eventually, portia dozed off. she now had three, new precious babies at her side. dio and dalia joined her, and the little family rested while bathing in the glory that was this new litter. portia, dio, dalia, an already ideal family, with three new little angels. to portia, there was nothing better than this. later that night, dio and portia would name the babies. 

dacio, sequoia, and opalia.