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All Welcome  June 07, 2018, 02:37 AM
Lone Wolves

Anyone! Maybe @Marten or @Nunataq
It was awfully strange that there were suddenly just like two totally new puppies that had moved in to the den with them and were living there or so she guessed. Piper had originally thought it was nice to have new friends to bounce around with, maybe chew on for a little while, but when those new friends never went home… well, she had gotten to the point that she was really skeptical about where they had come from. Was their den supposed to be the mothership for strays? She had not signed up for that malarkey.
Piper stretched out in the sun on the outside of their den with her front limbs pointed in the opposite direction of her back limbs. Her belly was pressed tightly to the ground and she could feel the heat beating down on her red and white-striped back. It was a really good day for a tan, but mostly because her brothers were being boring, and her mom was busy, like, getting some rest or something useless like that. Piper didn’t really care too much; she was basking in the heat of the new summer sun.