Pack Policy Poll Results
June 07, 2018, 11:51 PM

Pack Policy Poll Results

Apologies for the wait on this!  We managed to pull together the results of the user polls given a while ago and are ready to introduce some changes we hope will make things a little better!
First, with this update, we will be re-opening pack formation.  Applications now work under a red/green policy, and we'll continue to vet apps before any progress should be made on foundation!

Change 1 - Lone Wolf Trades
Lone wolves will now be able to apply and obtain trades!  We will be posting a maintenance thread in the Help forum to handle any of these requests.  PMs will be able to fulfill these as they have time, but please, do not fulfill your own!  Just like in packs, this should work under the honor system.
Thread here -

Change 2 - Pack Disband Limit
Disbanding will now occur, due to consolidated results, when a pack hits 6 members.  This count includes puppies, and as current, refers to individual players.  There is one change we do wish to make in addition to this.  When a pack hits disband, we will allow a few days grace period (2-3 depending on scheduling) where we will send the PMs a message.  This will allow them a few days sort out OOC or IC how they want to handle things.  If members join during this time, a pack might remain open (but it is meant primarily to facilitate a smoother disband).

Change 3 - Pack Formation
Starting now, packs will need 8 individual members to form.  Overwhelming support was for +2 on the disband limit, so we are raising this as well as above!

Thank you again for your patience, and as usual, feel free to discuss below!