Stavanger Bay Unravel the Webs
June 08, 2018, 04:10 AM
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The past couple of weeks, the slim girl had been wandering around almost aimlessly, thinking and wondering how she could show she wanted to be a part of this pack. She had almost worn a path along the ocean's edge, her tiny feet worrying the ground as thoughts flowed through her. Keeping to herself, her normally happy voice had been silent, as if caught in the webs of her mind. Food had not been in the webs, so she looked almost gaunt, her thick fur barely hiding her ribs and hips.

Slowing down, she looked up at the sky for the first time in hours. Her neck protested at the almost strange movement, yet her eyes sought out the full moon, bright against the dark starless sky. It seemed closer than usual tonight, her paws pausing in their pacing. Quiet, she sat down and watched the moon. She wondered if it was lonely. The stars had each other, but the sat alone in the blackened sky night after night all alone, not having any company. A slight bittersweet smile graced her lips as she wrapped her tail around her paws, and the night was silent, waiting.
June 08, 2018, 07:54 PM
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Zig walked out of the water on to the beach and violently shook out his fur. Swimming was probably one of his favorite things to do, and it was a great night for swimming in the cool ocean water. 

He began trotting down the beach, close enough to the water so that every time the tide came in, it covered his paws. He didn't have much on his mind tonight which, to be honest, was usually the case. He didn't have very much to worry about currently, which is why he could usually be found swimming or roaming the beach in search of well, whatever he wanted, really. He knew he would soon need to find a way to contribute to his new pack but for right now, he was content with exploring the territory and indulging himself whenever the need arose.

In the distance, he saw a small brown blob. Another packmate, he wondered? Excitedly, he picked up his pace until he was close enough to speak to the small creature sitting and staring at the sky. He let out a low chuff to announce his presence before offering a friendly, "Hey," and sitting down, giving her a lopsided grin.