Hoshor Plains I want to make a creature of you.
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Volos II
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The wind eddied the fat clouds overhead, whipped at the field's tall grass, and dragged through his own dense coat as it gusted to-and-fro, but the wolf was not bothered by it. This wind was warm. It was like a hot breath breathing down his neck—a far cry different from the mild and dry north from where he had originated. He stalked along without any attention paid to the weather; he didn't look up when the scent of oncoming rain began to fill the air, nor when the sky broke and began to weep above him. The sky wasn't crying so much as it was spitting; the wolf only lifted his head from the sullen alignment with his shoulders when he heard the sound of hooves—and in that split second, he spotted the mighty wild horses of the plains, but merely watched them.
June 17, 2018, 10:24 AM
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From another angle, obscured mostly by the tall grasses becoming weighted by a splash of rain, Atomsk watched the horses run too. He'd never seen a horse before. They smelled edible; their resemblance to the shape of a very tall, fat deer made them look edible; but for whatever reason, watching them daunted Atomsk from the idea a hunt. He knew he'd be wasting a lot of energy trying to catch one of these long-tailed deer. They had a more powerful gait than a mountain lion, and he was not interested in tangling with those legs if it came down to it.

The colossal started to move on when he noticed a canine figure in the distance. Interested, he began to stride towards it, ears high and broad muzzle level as he came forward with an unabashed manner to investigate.