Stavanger Bay It is a blessing for a man to have a hand at determining his own fate
Read Only  June 20, 2018, 08:19 AM
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It was a lovely and warm summer evening - Hexe woke up from her slumber in the shallow sand-pit she had dug out for herself earlier, yawned, stretched and spent some minutes before getting up to her feet and going, looking at the ocean and the horizon. For a creature that did not understand beauty the colors and lights of the setting sun still held some sort of mesmerizing magic. She felt happy and content, quite the contrary to the fearful and grumpy bag of bones she had been in the last winter. 

She raised and stretched thoroughly, then proceeded to see, what good stuf had the waves brought to the shores this time. With an expert and quick movements she skimmed through the sea-weeds, pieces of wood and odd trash, picked up the valuable morsels, spat out the useless and now and then snapped at the sea-gulls, who were just as interested in scavenging food for themselves. Now and then the dappled she-wolf stopped and froze, staring in the distance with a blank gaze, but soon after she broke the spell by shaking her head and moving forwards.

There was a round, jelly-like object floating in the water, that caught Hexe's attention and made her leave the safe spot on the solid ground and step belly-deep in the ocean. She was unaware that this spar of curiousity would prove fatal for her and that this object would be the last thing she would ever see. Her flawed brain and nervous system that had operated so well for the last many months went into a flurry of electric impulses just then.

The wolf lost consciousness and fell face-first in the water. Her limbs and body were caught up in seizures. Had she been on the solid ground, maybe she would have survived this. Or maybe she would have simply suffered longer than now, when without no one to fight against it, the water filled her airways. Hexe drowned few minutes later, but it took a lot longer for the waves to stop playing with her dead body and finally throw her out on the shores like a discarded toy. 

It has been a very interesting run, folks! Farewell!