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August 10, 2018, 02:50 PM
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Mostly just wrapping up some snark that would have been really OOC to leave hanging.

Though Kavik probably meant it metaphorically, Treason decided to take it literally (as it was much more fun to be obtuse) and responded flatly, I stopped.  You stepped forward. And if your response to someone not beholden to you being sharp is to scold them, well...  Shrug.  She was unimpressed with him as a leader and hoped the rest of his minions saw the problems they could be walking into by following him.  Leaders needed to have a far thicker skin than he was showing, especially considering the things she could have said... Oh my.  Treason only had to stall for time until some other Sunspire wolves arrived.  The proto-pack could do better than either of these so-called leaders.  At least she had the excuse of being a soldier rather than a diplomat.

Treason heard one of the subordinates make a good point to one of the overreacting bunch.  Good, some had sense -- unlike the guy who seemed to snap out of his anger.  Or not.  She'd opened her mouth again and some stupid fell out.  She gave the dark woman quite an "Are you an idiot?" stare, Because they weren't always there?  And they definitely exist.  Spoke to one. Carefully, at a safe distance, Said she'd be staying.  She'd returned to her neutrally-annoyed expression by the time she finished talking.  If they did wanna become bear food, it was their funerals -- she'd just make sure to tell that bear that she wasn't going to be avenging any getting eaten from the valley floor.  You know, maybe this pack of fools really did deserve each other.

Then Wraen showed up with a couple of friends.  Wanted someone who was maybe overstating their position?  Treason could nitpick that phrasing all day  -- was kind of missing the important word "a" or "one of" or something.  Either way, Rannoch, Nara, and someone else she didn't recognize except by smell showed up as well.  Backup was here.  Her only other response needed?  A look to Rannoch and a slightly quirked brow when the itty bitty wannabe alpha said to keep an eye on her.  Treason knew what she was doing -- she was following orders, and she could have done a lot worse and caused a lot more trouble.

Treason is often not a nice person and will think mean things without acting on them.
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Since no one else in the NSV group was made aware that we were making a new round today (including me and Hela/Kavik) Hela and I agreed to let whoever hadn’t posted in the previous round post in this round, in the background. Anyone who has already posted last round cannot post this round (unless it’s a leadership member obviously). Hope that makes sense.

The smaller wolf took off, yipping strangely to call for who Grezig assumed to be other members of her pack. She dropped the strange yipping (it sounded coyote-like) and focused on what was happening around her. She felt Liri move a bit to block Illidan from view. Then Kavik spoke… and sounded angry, or… just in charge, more like. That was all well and good, since Kavik was an alpha, but Grezig was screaming in her head not to piss anyone off, since the smaller wolf had just gone back to get more pack mates. They did not need a full-on war over territory here. Grezig would just as soon leave and live somewhere else. And then another voice spoke up. That… Minori that Corvus knew.

’If there are bears around, why would you want to hunt here? They must eat most of the prey and make ot dangerous. It makes no sense to me, are you sure you are not just trying to take charge where it isn't your place for the fun of it?’

She said the words that Grezig had so wanted to say, but had held back because she wasn’t in charge. Grezig turned her head sharply and glared at the black wolf. Shut up! she commanded in her mind. Her annoyance was part jealousy that Minori had said what she’d wanted to say, and partly because, again, Grezig did not want to start a war right now. Kavik had likely already pissed off the one female who was left and Minori didn’t need to be adding fuel to the flames. Greizig heard nothing of what the woman had said to Thorleif, nor did she hear Thorleif freaking out in the background or speaking afterwards. She had gotten too good at blocking out his meaningless chatter.

Suddenly more wolves showed up and Grezig’s attention was placed back in the present. She eyed all of them, listening to the first one who spoke… The dark female seemed familiar, but Grezig could not place her. She claimed to be the leader of the Sunspire wolves. Well. At least they had a name now.

Then a male showed up, and said something that made this whole situation make sense: My name is Rannoch Frostfur, and I am the Alpha of Sunspire and former Alpha of Northstar Vale.

Northstar Vale. The name was unfamiliar, but Grezig knew what a vale was, and they were standing in one. She could have been wrong, but she put two and two together… So these were not simply hunting grounds. They had previously been the territory of the Sunspire wolves, the place where they lived. All of this pack’s anger (or whatever) was made very clear now. They were not only territorial, but possibly sentimental. Grezig knew they would never get the vale now. They would have to leave and find a new place to live. That was fine with her. It was better than sticking around and getting their asses kicked by angry neighbors.

Grezig could not help the sigh that escaped her. Had she known that coming here would instigate a pissing contest then she would have alerted her alphas to avoid the place altogether. Liri spoke words to the original female who’d shown up, then spoke to Rannoch, and at this point, Grezig did not care about what was going on anymore. She just wanted to leave. And it seemed that Liri felt the same way. Good. They’d find a nicer place to live, then. 

Then the annoying female spoke again and Grezig half-listened to the words, a bored, flat expression on her face. At this point? Whatever. She didn’t care. She just sat and waited and hoped a fight wouldn’t break out.

August 10, 2018, 10:15 PM
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Kavik had no other response for snarky female when she gave him an answer that wasn't really an answer, and so he said nothing else while the he waited for whoever else from her pack was going to show up. Arguing with this wolf would get them no where. 

Kavik was relieved that the new members standing in front of him were the nearby pack's leadership and not more of the female's packmates looking to start trouble. They had only just arrived here and were all very tired; they were certainly not looking for a fight. 

Kavik stood silent next to Liri as she spoke, studying the faces of the other leaders to try and gauge their reactions. So far, Wraen and Rannoch seemed a lot more reasonable than the female who had come at them with only attitude. When Liri finished talking, Kavik gave a bow of his head and added, And I'm Kavik, the other Alpha of this group. As my mate has stated, we did not come here looking for a fight; we have just arrived here and were toying with the idea of staying, but it appears it has some problems and has meaning to your pack. We have no issue with moving on, especially if it will avoid a fight, he added calmly. He was ready to be done with this mess. The group needed to find a place to rest, and he was tired of searching for a home.

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August 10, 2018, 10:59 PM
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Just a quick cameo!

When Rueger arrived, he felt like he was the last wolf in the area. He looked over the opponents, but no one seemed overtly aggressive, and so Rueger kept his own on a leash. He approached his new pack mates tentiveably. His ears swiveled and his eyes never stopped taking in the other wolves. The words that were said were candid, and it didn't seem like either side held back. But, it also seemed like no one really wanted to fight. Still, Rueger kept alert in case that changed.

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Wraen let the comment about keeping Treason on a short leash (that is, what she assumed the other had implied) slide - she cast a glance at their guardian and gave a quick smile. In fact she was grateful that during this hectic time this she-wolf was at top of her duties. She then focused entirely on, what both Liri and a man, who introduced himself as Kavik, told them. 

In the meanwhile more backup arrived and she felt more confident now that the number of both groups matched. And thinking that Rannoch would not mind much, if she spoke first - because as a hunter and scout she had things to add to the matter - she said: "We are more interested in having allies not enemies. I don't think that this is a good place for a group as big as yours to settle down. Currently our pack shares hunting grounds with a family of bears. We have managed to avoid a conflict so far, but if the competition for food grows fiercer, us and you might suffer dire consequences because of it.

I suggest that you seek a more suitable land in the valley at the foot of these mountains. There are a lot of free lands over there that could provide for your and your people long-term. And only two other packs to be reckoned with, but within a long distance away from either."
She was done talking, now she looked at Rannoch to see, if he had anything to add. If this group took the advice and they parted on good terms, perhaps, they could think about forming an alliance with them as well. If they were interested.
August 11, 2018, 08:54 AM
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shitty post to get this in here so it doesn't get lost because things are moving quickly. posting with permission.

He was mistrustful of this group and their intentions; it did not matter what they said, it mattered what they did.. and to see them mobilize so quickly was not something he enjoyed. He licked @Quail's crown, and as he began to walk he whispered to her, Should anything happen, run.

He sauntered deceptively casual up to Corvus, and he sought Minori's gaze as he bent to the other man's ear. Walk with me. They could pretend to pre-emptively take the advice of the other wolves and use the opportunity to fan out and hide... just in case.

August 11, 2018, 01:35 PM
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Liri's dig at Treason did not phase Rannoch. The Gamma had been doing her job, and Rannoch looked over as Wraen did, and offered her a nod—you did well in protecting us, his brief glance seemed to imply. 

Despite Rannoch's affinity towards Northstar Vale, it had been some time since he had stepped paw into the territory. He had known that Wraen, Treason, and the other hunters, had spent more time within the district and were far more knowledgeable about it. Rannoch deferred to Wraen to address the group before he did. 

"Stay the night here and allow your numbers to rest," Rannoch urged, addressing Liri and Kavik in particular; he remembered how arduous the journey from Moonspear to Sunspire had been. "For the day, we will hunt in the foothills of Sunspire, and we will resume our normal hunting here in one sun-up." Rannoch didn't foresee this being an issue; the plains below Sunspire had provided them with large game, and Rannoch would join the hunters if he was needed. "We will not fight," Rannoch promised, his eyes sweeping quickly between both packs, "And we will leave you now, in peace, if you wish."

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I believe this is the last from me. (Unless she's directly referenced or something.) but I'm gonna leave this for a while, so whoever needs to can wrap up :)

She hadn't expected them to heed her advice concerning the Gamma - in all honesty, she might not either if it were her subordinate - but she offered a mere shrug of her slender shoulders. That was their decision. 

The woman, Wraen, appeared to know more about the territory despite Rannoch's claim to it. The healer turned to her, listening intently. It was possible it were a ruse, a goose chase sent to maroon them in unsuitable lands. Surely if it were, they would send them farther than just over the mountains. Despite her distrust in others, she was forced to believe that Wraen might be speaking the truth. 

"I'd also find allies more preferable to enemies. We'll look into the territories," her gaze first found Kavik, then Grezig. She would need to discuss this with them, with the entirety of the wolves at her back. 

The offer Rannoch makes sends a prick of unease up her spine. She's not sure she's entirely comfortable resting, or keeping those she cares about, in a place so heavily populated by bears or that appears to be so close to the home of another pack. 

Still, the healer nods in acceptance. "Thank you," she murmurs genuinely, glancing to Kavik with significance. Liri's yet to puzzle out whether or not she'll accept the offer, but once she gets a moment to speak with her mate; she's certain she'll find clarity. 

"That would be much appreciated," Liri dipped her head, exhaustion peeking through. The trip, that had unknowingly started just beyond the Sanctuary, has tired her more than cares to admit. 

Once the Sunspire wolves had dispersed, Liri would take her place at Kavik's side. They would all discuss what was to be done and she would follow after her mate, to wherever they planned to rest.

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August 13, 2018, 12:50 PM
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Also last from me!

Wraen pointed out again this territory was inhabited by bears. Bears were not something Kavik wanted near his pack, especially while they were trying to settle in their new home. He didn't want the competition for prey or territory that would come with sharing the area with the much larger predators. 

It seemed neither Rannoch nor Wraen wanted this situation to escalate any further, made even more apparent by the fact they would let them rest here before moving on. He returned Liri's look, understanding that they would discuss it once the other wolves had left. Yes, thank you, Kavik said with a bow of his head. I'm glad we could come to an agreement that doesn't involve fighting, he added. 

Once the Sunspire wolves had left them, they could rest and discuss what their next move was. Kavik was ready to be settled, and he knew the rest of the pack had to be feeling the same way. Today had been stressful for everyone, but it would all be worth it when they finally found their home.

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don't put him down as arrogant
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Last from me. Tag for reference.

Grezig didn’t care what was happening anymore. She was just glad that a fight was not going to break out. Good. More words were spoken and she only halfway paid attention. They were given permission to stay here and rest for the night. Oh, good. Rest here—with the bears. Wonderful. She let her gaze slide off to somewhere far away, eyes glazing over in disinterest. She just wanted a home at this point. She wanted to settle down, to mark borders and hunt. To care for the boy (@Illidan). He needed somewhere to stay, somewhere permanent, so that he could grow up into someone mentally stable. All this moving around wasn’t good for anyone, but especially not a pup. When would their search be over?

August 15, 2018, 12:51 PM
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Flops in late. :'^)

Corvus was quite bored now, seeing that there would be no fight. The leaders were discussing things civilly, and he gathered all the information that was relevant to him: they'd be moving on, but the alpha would allow them to stay the night. It was irritating that they'd be on the move again, but it couldn't be helped. He also wasn't keen on sleeping in an area where bears were spotted not long ago. Hearing someone approach, he turned to see Barracuda. The man leaned in to whisper, "Walk with me." Intrigued, Corvus glanced over at Minori before obliging his request.

The shadow walked beside Barracuda, waiting for some distance to be made between them and the others before speaking. I sense you have a plan, He wagered with the unspoken question of what that plan was.

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Minori watched everything with a blank expression, pretty much zoning out after it had been declared no fighting would happen. She only zoned back in when Barracuda asked her and Corvus to walk with him. Somewhat curious she nodded to Corvus and stood up following them silently and letting Corvus speak.

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the girl was panting when she found rannoch, breath ragged and her sides heaving. she had run the whole way there; an explanation was pried from her gasping mouth bit by bit, and eventually rannoch and wraen held council while coelho gathered what little stamina remained and darted back for treason.

thankfully, things had not yet fully blown into a fight once she arrived; careful to scout the area for any further wolves, coelho simply kept her mouth shut, as any good omega ought to do. she spent the time studying the faces of the strange wolves, inobtrusively -- never once meeting their gaze if she could help it.

once all was said and done, and the Importants had said their peace, coelho would shoulder for home; there was little for her here besides the risk of her hide, and she would prefer returning home in one piece if she could help it.

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August 22, 2018, 09:11 AM
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Once the agreement was settled between both parties, Rannoch nodded. "We will be on our way, then," he replied. "We wish you the best of luck on your travels, and when you find your home, please let us know where you all settle." Sunspire could use more allies, and he appreciated how the vagrants had handled the confrontation. 

 Rannoch then turned towards Sunspire's crowd. "Let's go," he said as he motioned to the peak that loomed behind them. The wolves of Sunspire obliged, and they returned to their home; for now, the travelers were left to rest.

a crime so old as the sky and bone
he came untied, solid as a stone
all is almost lost and it starts to show