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Sweat glistened on the mare's neck, back and haunches, turning the hue of her fur from cornsilk to sorrel as she roved through a pass and into the plains. Naturally on alert, the mare preferred the open expanse of the plains because predators would be visible from all angles, especially with the grasses as short and stubby as they were in the middle of summer. It wasn't the best grazing grounds, where the summer's heat had dried the grasses up, but at least she was safer there while she was on her own. 

There were likely other horses in the area- this wide of an expanse, with the added shelter of a mountain range during the winter so she could get to high ground and escape predators there. She meandered along, intelligent eyes scanning the horizon in search of movement and dark nostrils flaring as she breathed in the hot, humid air- but for now, she was relatively alone. She lowered her head to graze, but with her bright gaze scanning the horizons almost all the way around her and her black-tipped auds swivelling atop her head, any other being would be hard-pressed to be able to sneak up on her.
August 10, 2018, 09:42 PM
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it had been a long trek from the north, foiled in several places by high mountains he had not even bothered to try to climb, but he had passed coast and river and forest and finally, there before him, there were no thickets of trees or rocks capable of hiding mountain lions, nothing to block his view. only a sea of endless summer-gold grass, shortened with the heat and dryness of august. genghis tossed his mane as he gazed out across it, and his eyes roved unhindered from one end of the plains to the other, until he was satisfied there was nothing there that posed a threat.

then he tossed his head once more and leapt forward, breaking into a gallop almost before his hooves had properly hit ground. the wind roared in his face like a living thing, and his tail streamed out behind him as he thundered across the flatlands, finally away from the parts of the land so much more suitable to the wolves, to the things that hid and waited to ambush you. genghis had little patience for those things, that did not challenge him face to face.

he ran, and the sweat built and gleamed on his pelt, and he kept running until the river he had passed had long since vanished among the grass. and then, on the top of a sloping hill like the hump of a bear's back, he stopped, planted both front hooves with a dull thud on the earth, and surveyed the land. the distant glimmer of water on the horizon, that could have been a lake; the mountains that rose like a predator's teeth to the side. the occasional mass of figures that could have been deer or elk, from this distance.

what he was surprised to find was someone nearby; another horse, their head bent to graze.

genghis surveyed them placidly for a moment, considering, and then let out a low whicker in greeting, though for now he kept a polite distance.
August 11, 2018, 04:06 AM
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The thundering of the stud’s hooves was felt before it was heard by the buckskin mare- who knew well enough that this was no reason to startle or stir, given the fact that only another herbivore would have caused such a drumming pattern on the earth. He was distant- probably too far to see- when she first heard the steady four-beat pattern of his hooves, but when his pace slowed, she lifted her kind head to gaze in his direction with a knowing but still interested gaze.

He wasn’t one from her former herd- nor did she expect to see her former herd stallion who, in her opinion, had raced right in the direction the saddled horses had wanted him to go. And she, like any other mare, was happy to see diversification in the herds she lived in, rather than swearing fidelity to one stallion whose genes would not only dominate but pollute a herd’s gene pool. This stud was younger and perhaps flashier- the roan pattern of his pelt standing out from the typical bay that had predominated her herds of yore, but he had a good solid build that beget some feeling that he was strong and capable- even though he was alone.

Still- as glad as she was to see another horse, no male company was accepted readily by a mare who had any standards for survival- this much she had learned from her dam. No, she wouldn’t invite him, as it wasn’t the way within the herd. Even though she was alone, she knew that stallions had to fight for a mare’s approval, even without competition. So without pause, she flattened her ears, swishes her tail dismissively and turned her haunches on the stud, marched a few paces away and lowered her head to graze again- as if to convey a feeling that he was somehow inadequate. He would have to do more than simply appear to impress the solid buckskin mare.