Duskfire Glacier IkKanattuk
August 12, 2018, 03:15 PM
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Pack Basics

Name: IkKanattuk
Ranks: Pack Ranks
Location: Duskfire Glacier
Acronym: IKT
Founded: August 12, 2018
Pack Colours: Dark Sea Green & Golden Rod



Leader 1: Siarut - Atausiq (July 12, 2018 — present)
Leader 2: Takiyok - Malġuk (July 12, 2018— present)


Founded by the Ateneq siblings, each of who had travelled far from their native land in the Arctic Tundra of Northern Canada. This pack is meant to symbolize the values of the Inuit culture that the siblings grew up emersed in. After leaving their natal pack they reconvene at Blackfeather Woods, after a scouting trip it was Duskfire Glacier was discovered. The perfect home for the northern family. On the journey to the Glacier the Ateneq family encountered several loners who decided to join their cause. Proving themselves along the way.

Founding Members:

                ~ Siarut Iyaroak Ateneq
                ~ Takiyok Yakone Ateneq
                ~ Shivali Iyaroak Ateneq
                ~ Tahani Iyaroak Ateneq
                ~ Uki
                ~ Mirabelle
                ~ Aqakuktuq "Fisher" Tiriaq
                ~ Nanook 'Polaris' Apaata 
                ~ Samothes Messeda 
                ~ Aleks
                ~ Aningan Nutarniq Ateneq-Apaata
                ~ Sos Nutarniq Ateneq-Apaata 
                ~ Tunerk Nutarniq Apaata-Ateneq 
                ~ Currituck Ateneq

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"Do you know why big brothers are born first?  To protect the little ones that come after them."
Inuttuk, common                                                                                                                                                                                            ~ {5/5 Scout } ~ {2/5 Mercenary} ~
August 16, 2018, 08:21 PM

Philosophy / Principles

~ Based primarily on the aboriginal culture of the Inuit people, all living and nonliving things have a spirit. That includeds people, animals, inanimate objects, and forces of nature. When a spirit dies, it continues living in a different world- the spirit world.

~ The Inuit live a peaceful existence, and self-restraint and sharing (Nigiqtuq) is a valued trait in their culture. Although our border is strictly enforced, aide is offered to those who need it. If we can help, we will. However aggression will be shown to those who would seek to harm.

~ The Inuit needed to depend on each other to survive their harsh environment; therefore, sharing was the basis of their culture. Holding true, in IkKanattuk everything is shared. There is a shared living space for wolves that do not choose to have their own living space.

~ Inuit treat everything (human beings, the land, animals and plants) with equal respect, trying to maintain a harmonious relationship. It is expected that everyone and everything is respected within IkKanattuk.

~ Family groups are the most important social unit within IkKanattuk. Family refers to more than just blood relations, it refers to all tribal members. It is not uncommon for people to refer to each other as brothers/sisters, or aunt/uncle. Do to the focus on family we are hoping to keep this pack pretty small.

~ Rank advancement is based on activity, and relations with the rest of the pack. Since IkKanattuk is so family oriented relationships with packmates are very important.

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"Do you know why big brothers are born first?  To protect the little ones that come after them."
Inuttuk, common                                                                                                                                                                                            ~ {5/5 Scout } ~ {2/5 Mercenary} ~
August 16, 2018, 08:22 PM

Pack Involvement Activities (PIA’s)

PIA’s will be held on a regular basis. This could be many different activities, such as hunts, storytelling, classes, meeting, etc. This can be facilitated by anyone within the pack, reach out to leadership is you have an idea for an activity and would like to lead one. These activities help to strengthen the family bonds within the IkKanattuk. PIA’s are NOT mandatory, but they are encouraged, and can have an effect on rank.

Previously Played Characters/ Inactivity

         ~ You must ask to be put on PPC before you fall inactive, if you have fallen inactive and would like to be re-added to the pack you will have to do another joining thread with either Siarut or Takiyok. We will not be re-adding inactive character's to the pack, unless they held a vital part within the pack and there was no way for the pack to continue without them. If you believe that you have extenuating circumstances and should be re-added without this joining thread please contact on of the PM's.

         ~ If you have asked to be a PPC please post you PP scenario in the PPC Behind the Scene's thread in the IkKanattuk forum.

Adopt my Siblings!
"Do you know why big brothers are born first?  To protect the little ones that come after them."
Inuttuk, common                                                                                                                                                                                            ~ {5/5 Scout } ~ {2/5 Mercenary} ~
August 16, 2018, 11:11 PM

Internal Territories

The Glacier

The glacier is a persistent body of dense ice that is constantly moving under its own weight. The Duskfire Glacier is located between two peaks named Duskfire Lookout and Glacier Peak. The structure on top is wild and rugged. The depth of the cracks in the glacier can range from a few inches to several feet.

Ice Grotto

One day a big chunk of ice broke off the side of the Glacier and revealed the hollowed chamber beneath. Do not be fooled by thinking that ice is a solid matter. The glacier is constantly breaking and melting, causing cracked pathways, tunnels and chambers to appear and collapse from time to time. Enter with caution! One trapped under the moving ice will meet a cold and fatal end.

Meltwater Lake

Glacial ice is the largest reservoir of freshwater on Earth. The glacier above stores water as ice in the colder seasons and releases it later in the form of meltwater when warmer, summer temperatures cause the glacier to melt. This seasonal cycle creates a water source in Duskfire the wolves have dubbed Meltwater Lake that is especially important for plants and animals in the area and supplies all the water for the thick pine forest surrounding the lake. In the colder months there is less water in the lake than in the summer months.

Lupine Flower Meadow

Between all the pine and maple trees lays a big open field filled with pink and purple flowers. The seeds of these lupine flowers feed a lot of Duskfire's smaller prey, including Raccoons, Badgers, Rabbits, Hares, Shrews, Squirrels, Mice and Vole. Often in spring a small herd of Mule Deer come down from the mountains to snack on these violet flowers.

Duskfire Plane

An ancient lake now frozen over and solid, this area is quite literally a solid block of ice covering a large spread of land. Tucked just north of a couple nearby mountains, any snowfall or snowmelt merely replaces and adds a fresh, slick layer of snow or ice to what already exists. Alive and moving, occasionally these sheets of ice will crack, causing deep ravines to form within the otherwise smooth plane. Territory description written by Iqniq.

Polaris Icefield

Known for its glorious nights where the skies are painted with dazzling auroras, this field of ice and snow is a sight to behold no matter the time of day. In reality, this land is a slow moving glacier that creeps down into the Silver Moraine as it grows, only to shrink back north when the temperatures warm. This movement has left the land bumpy and rugged, making for slippery slopes when those edges free over and smooth, or easy traveling. Territory description written by Iqniq.

Greyfall Caverns

A system of caves that runs through the mountain, characterized by the underground rivulets that run through as well. The largest cavern boasts a large, indoor waterfall that mists the air, and an opening that allows sunlight to filter in results in colorful displays on sunny days. Territory description written by Colt.

Adopt my Siblings!
"Do you know why big brothers are born first?  To protect the little ones that come after them."
Inuttuk, common                                                                                                                                                                                            ~ {5/5 Scout } ~ {2/5 Mercenary} ~