Blacktail Deer Plateau Blacktail Deer Plateau
August 27, 2018, 05:26 AM
Lone Wolves

Pack Basics 
Name: Blacktail Deer Plateau
Ranks: Here
Location: Kintla Flatlands
Acronym: BDP
Founded: August 24, 2018
Pack Colours: Silver Birch (#aaaaa0) & Dark Pine (#177717)

Founding Leaders
Liri Tonrar (neé Blackfoot): Alpha Female 
Kavik Tonrar: Alpha Male
Grezig: Beta Female 

Founding Subordinates 
Illidan DeMonte, Elixir Linz, Vlad "Corvus", Minori Masuyo, Kenkou Rein, Donoma Lomahongva, Anatha, Quail, Thorleif, "Barracuda"

Liri Tonrar (neé Blackfoot): Alpha Female (8/24/18 — present)
Kavik Tonrar: Alpha Male (8/24/18 — present)
Grezig: Beta Female (8/24/18 — present)


In 2018, Liri and Kavik wandered from Bracken Sanctuary, their pack, in search of game and wound up lost in a thunderstorm. After moving on, the couple ran across a lost pup, Illidan. Taking him on as their ward, they continued in the hopes of finding a home. In their travels they encountered and recruited several wolves, amongst them Grezig, their Beta. After initially attempting to settle in Northstar Vale, they moved on in favor of a territory that wasn't so crowded or overrun with predators. The group finally took up residence on Blacktail Deer Plateau on August 24th.

[Image: tumblr_mjejnvC2Th1r5cxqho1_500.gif]
The Plateau is named for its resident herd of blacktail deer, which can be seen on the outskirts of the territory as well as near the stream that runs through the land. Forested in dark pine and silver birch, the woodland thins as it nears the sheer drop of the edges, making for a wondrous and dizzying view of the flatlands below. Small footpaths lead one into the tall Kintla grasses, even going so far as to empty near Whitefish River. Blacktail Deer Plateau is lovely in its simplicity, and standing upon the stream-bank at dawn as the light slowly filters in golden shafts through the quiet forest is a deep pleasure indeed. (Territory description by Lasher.)

Internal Territories
[Image: source.gif]
The Door: Veiled by a tangle of roots, vines and other wild foliage, the entrance to this behemoth of a cave is often overlooked by the average eye. Upon closer inspection, the edges of this natural curtain can be brushed aside to reveal a grand entrance of granite lined by soft green mosses from floor to ceiling. A large, domed skylight illuminates this atrium and a large pool of water acts as a mirror for the sky. To move deeper into this cave is to venture into the twilight zone. Plant life thins as the temperature evens out and access to light becomes limited. Venture further and one is plunged into darkness with no guarantee of a safe return. Territory description written by Iqniq.

 “When the snow falls and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives” - Eddard 'Ned' Stark.

Blacktail Deer Plateau, like the many packs that previously resided within it, is a pack for those wolves in search of a life on the wild side. It is a combination of realistic lupine roleplay and a celebration of the unique intelligence the wolves on this site possess - rounded out with a dash of democracy. It's for those searching to return to their character's roots, those wolves who have a wild heart, or those searching for a group in which they will be respected and heard.

What you need to know:
Keeping in line with realism, Blacktail Deer Plateau was founded for the same purpose packs are founded in the wild: so that its founding pair (Liri and Kavik) could have a place of their own to rule over with the help of some friends met along the road. Upon reaching the Plateau, they and some like-minded individuals settled down to raise a family.

As per WOLF's guidelines (located here), the wolves of BDP are territorial of their claimed lands. Any trespassers will receive a serious injury. A die wil be rolled on a scale from 1-10 in the Tabletop to determine the severity of the attack (one being several bites/something similar and ten being serious maiming). They are also possessive of their deer herd and their hunting lands (Whitefish River and Firestone Hot Springs). Any suspicious characters lingering in these territories are likely to be subject to hostility.

The ranks of Blacktail Deer Plateau will be traditional and will be shuffled bi-weekly (every two weeks). The changes will be based on a number of things but mainly longevity and contribution.

Rank challenges are not expressly forbidden but there are some limitations: any member, save for those in punishment ranks, can challenge for rank at any time. However, they may only do so once per calendar month and may only challenge for the rank above theirs. I.e. A Delta challenging a Gamma. In addition, if your character is challenged - they may refuse. Alternatively, if the challenger has a genuine issue with the person they challenged - they are encouraged to bring it forth to the Council instead.

The group is nomadic, moving to summer dens (though this mainly applies to whelping mothers and their caretakers) in late February and returning to their community rendezvous in late October. In the colder months they will make less forays beyond the plateau.

Breeding rights are simple. IC permission/approval from both Alphas is required. Puppy slots will be divied up based on many females choose to be mothers. Accordingly the Plateau might see a summer where one or two large litters are born or several smaller litters. If it should fall that the amount of people wanting to have puppies is too many, then it will fall by rank. Leadership gets first rights and then possibly upper tier ranks, so on and so forth. Members of the pack are so close-knit that they resemble a family; even if your character is not allowed to reproduce that year they will still have plenty of chances to be around puppies and help raise them. Unapproved litters - except in the case of rape - are likely to be taken and raised by the Alpha pair with the parents facing banishment, please keep this in mind when considering conception. 

While the Plateau is meant to mimic a real world wolf pack, this doesn't necessarily mean its residents are without humanity or intelligence. As important as realism is, keeping the characters from becoming dull and feral is possibly more important. The Plateau will also be a group of scholars. Monthly, classes will convene for the various trades available, i.e. Mercenaries will gather to spar, Hunters will restock caches, Caregivers will gather herbs and discuss their uses, etc. Youth members may participate and are encouraged to explore their options before taking up an apprenticeship. 

Leadership works a little differently in the Plateau. The pack will be led by not only the Alphas/Betas, but by the people(wolves?). In times of strife or conflict, the pack will gather in the Door as a Council to pass judgement and vote on any decisions. All ranks save for youth, and occasionally punishment, are required to participate. 

The changing of the seasons brings with it fun and merriment. Spring and summer is a time when much of the pack is very active. At this time of the year there will be new pups to welcome and youth members will be initiated into adults. Late summer brings competitive sparring, racing, and other games. Fall and winter are a time for wintering together in the Hollow, for children to discover an interest in a trade, and for storytelling competitions. 

As for other events, here's what you can expect: monthly pack hunts, monthly social gatherings(a time for displaying submission/dominance, grooming, and play), pack gatherings to celebrate the changes of seasons, equinoxes, solstices, and other events of nature. 

Outside of pack activities members are encouraged to post new threads as often as once a week, documenting themselves in action of serving the pack. i.e. hunting, patrolling, exploring nearby territories, gathering herbs, sitting, improving dens, checking caches, caring for the ill/injured, etc. (This will be looked at in the weekly shuffles!)

We are looking for very active members who would enjoy organic plot development. This group is designed to be a frenzy of activity and is for those writers who enjoy fast development. If you would like to explore the nature of your lupine character, then Blacktail Deer Plateau is for you.

"Kind people are often mistaken for soft. Kind people are not born. They are forged in the fires of hell and they have steel cores.
We are kind because we know first-hand that life is anything but."