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He stuck to whatever fields and meadows he could find on his journey, needing his Lord's light now more than ever. His birth tribe had been thinned into the single digits; those who had survived the devastating plague had fled in fear, cowardice or perhaps even madness. He still hadn't any idea what had caused the outbreak, or even if Raas Himself had cast it upon them.

But no, his Lord was merciful — they had only been doing their holy duty.

Erastus loped through a sparse, sun-soaked field, turning his face towards the warmth of the Daystar and thanking Him for the guidance. He had been led here for a reason; these lands and those within it were impure. The scourge that had wiped out his tribe had been the work of the Darkness, and he would see to it that it was purged from this world.
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Lone Wolves

timeline? i hardly know her *has no self control*

this would be the last excursion for lucas' whereabouts the tired beta could manage. already her body showed a loss of condition, a thinning of the topline -- and her already jaded mahogany eyes carried a new dullness in them: one of defeat.

tiredness had eaten away at her wariness before, and it was the hard bite of desperation that turned the redleaf along the path of a loping wolf. he reminded her of tadec in a way, lean of limb with tapered muzzle and ears at a high apex on a narrow skull: yet the fondness in which she regarded tadec was not shared with this stranger, who she now looked upon with a wearied coldness.

"hey!" indra's voice clamored over the meadow, abrupt as grating stone: "have you seen a puppy?"

but he hadn't -- and after such disappointment, indra made for home.

"he knows that it's impossible to tell a wolf
from a man if
he keeps his chin up
and his teeth clean."