Guidebook Update - Adoption terms
September 16, 2018, 05:45 PM
Dragoncrest Cliffs

Guidebook Update - Adoption terms

We are always asked a lot of questions about reclaiming pups and adoptables, and until now, have never really had any clear Guidebook guidelines to reference.  It has always been our assumption that adopters will handle the terms of each individually, but it leaves us a bit at a loss when issues arise.

Due to this, we've updated our Pup Guidelines to reflect a new admin policy!  Adopters/adoptees are still more than welcome to define and operate under their own rules, of course.  But when disagreements happen, this will be the source of truth for CMs concerning any account resets

Guidebook update as of 09/16/18
"Please note, if a puppy was completely designed by the puppy player, that puppy will always belong to that player, and parents cannot reclaim the account without the puppy player's permission.
Additionally, once a puppy reaches 100 posts, it can no longer be reclaimed by the parents without the puppy player's permission. 
(Theses rules also apply to Adoption Characters as well!) "

As always, feel free to discuss!  These do go into effect now though, and we will see how it works out and whether anything about this needs tweaked!

In addition to this, we've also added an informative response to the Staff Listing with some communication details!  Hopefully they help anyone thinking of reaching out with an issue or just to talk something out - our inboxes are always open.