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October 08, 2018, 06:12 PM
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Hushed Willows


October 08, 2018, 09:55 PM

➥ pack philosophy

        Elysium is founded with on the principle of individual growth and development, with an emphasis on encouraging interpersonal relationships and celebrating value in one another. Elysium is composed of wolves with varying backgrounds, cultures, and values; anyone considered to be part of Elysium is considered family and should be treated with respect above all else.

Carrying over a policy from its predecessor, Elysium also doubles as a sanctuary and will provide for those in need. It is ICly mandatory and OOCly recommended that wards complete a thirty-day community service in which they replinish what they took from Elysium once they are able-bodied; wolves who disappear without notice and return seeking asylum a second time may not be welcomed back with the same enthusiasm.

➥ ranking system

        Unlike other packs where dominant and submissive relationships and frequent power struggles are considered typical, Elysium's structure is centered around respect for one another. Deference displays are encouraged between members and dominance displays are discouraged. Due to their tight-knit nature, Elysium does not have a formal ranking system. All members outside of leadership share the same rank — Seraphim.

Leadership is comprised of four individuals and an additional rotating council rank that acts as an advisor to leadership in a way to encourage pack participation and transparency between leadership and pack members.

The Council
SEER — Leader of Family and Community
SHAKTI — Leader of Culture and Ceremony
SHIVA — Leader of Law & Order
SATORI — Leader of Pack Relations

SAGE — Assistant to Leadership

The Family
SERAPH — All Non-Leadership Members
WARD — Refugees​

GUEST* — Visitors & Probationary Members


*Guest rank is held for a mandatory thirty day probationary period in which the new member is allowed to "try on" the pack to make sure everyone is comfortable.  If after thirty days the Guest does not wish to stay in Elysium, they are allowed to leave without the pressure of blame or punishment.

➥ present and previous leaders

10/16/18 — SEABREEZE (SEER)
10/16/18 — OLIVE (SHAKTI)
10/??/18 — LILY (SATORI)

10/16/18 — 10/??/18 — DELIGHT (SHIVA)

October 08, 2018, 10:23 PM

➥ pack history

In August of 2018, Seabreeze and Olive departed from Sunspire alongside their children, Seamus, Eleuthera, Ibis, and Okeanos due to a dangerous food shortage on the mountain and other less-pressing personal reasons. Together they sought out Seabreeze's dearest friend, Delight, who resided in Bracken Sanctuary alongside his partner, Alarian. Shortly after their arrival, a number of feral cats intrude the Sanctuary, spreading an unknown illness to both canine and feline inhabitants.

On September 13th, 2018, Seabreeze is promoted to leadership to help the members of the Sanctuary with their unexpected workload, and on the 16th, Lily departs from the Sanctuary on a mission to find a new territory.  Nearly a month later she returns with news of a beautiful, secluded willow forest.  They depart the same day, and lose Alarian, Korei Julia, and Xahi somewhere along the way.

The remaining crew arrived at Hushed Willows on October 16th, 2018 and began to move forward as Elysium.  Its founding members were Seabreeze, Olive, Delight, Lily, Khali, Brilliance, Mali, Ibis, Okeanos, Eleuthera (PPC), Séamus (PPC), and Bunyip (PPC).

to add: hello to catalina, sif, and qilaq, lily's promotion, khali's promotion, delight stepped down, brilliance came home, forged an alliance with blacktail deer plateau, lily's scouting mission to LCH, is that it?

nothing yet, quiet month.

November 19, 2018, 05:07 PM

➥ internal territories

??? Basin — Near the border of Hushed Willows and the Sunspire Mountains sits a moderately large freshwater bowl fed by runoff from the Thunder Dome. This wide pool breaches the border of the Sunspires and spills down the side of the mountains, enchanting Elysium with a picturesque waterfall. ??? Basin is only accessible through one of Elysium's many secret winding cave systems.

??? Falls — Tucked neatly between two of Elysium's walls is a cascading waterfall, fed by the ??? Basin and by extension, the Thunder Dome.

The Labyrinth — Behind ??? Falls is one of Elysium's secret winding cave systems. It has many treacherous paths and dead ends but with enough work, one find themselves at the edge of ??? Basin or at ??? Ledge.

??? Creek — An off-shoot of Firefly Ravine that cuts through the territory, often populated with minnows when they're in season.

??? Ledge — The second exit to the cave system behind the Falls leads to a small finger of rock where overhead the stars seem close enough to touch.

??? Moor — Near the Eastern border of Hushed Willows is a small rocky landform dotted primarily in wild roses that bloom nearly all year long. Not even the coldest grip of winter can strip the moor from its beauty. In its center is a small, shallow pool with crystalline waters.

More to be announced / discovered. :)  The two red circles are where the cave systems start -- the one at the very tip of the territory is where the communal dens are.  It is highly encouraged that you suggest names for these, ICly or OOCly.

November 19, 2018, 06:20 PM

trade, specialty, and mastery acquisition

Please review this section of the WOLF Guidebook.

Elysium considers the acquisition of trades, specialties, and masteries to be more of a player-focused aspect of the game. Therefore, as long as your character is portrayed consistently and credibly as a formidable guardian, a proficient fisher, a knowledgeable physician, et cetera, they will be regarded as such.

We require three posts per thread that pertain to the desired trade, specialty, or mastery. That being said, we are fairly lenient about thread eligibility and will accept thread compilations as needed. For example, if you have two relevant posts in one thread and one relevant post in another thread, you can submit them together and they will be counted as one eligible thread.

taken from undersea, with permission.

November 19, 2018, 06:20 PM

ppc and absences

Real life comes first. We want our members to be active and have a good time, but we also want you to know that barring serious in character or out of character infractions, Elysium is always going to keep the door open and the light on for you if you need to take a break. WOLF is just a game.

The goal of having these policies in place is to help make the transition to PPC as seamless as possible before you leave, or to come up with strategies about WAT HAPPEN if you must leave suddenly.

All characters who have earned the rank of Seraph will automatically default to PPC status if they fall inactive, but will be removed from the pack ranks and presumed missing after a week of continued inactivity — unless the player posts in the absence log or contacts the pack managers before then. Cherubs will automatically default to PPC status if they fall inactive, and remain so until a resolution is worked out with their players.

Only characters that have earned the rank of Seraph or Cherub will be granted PPC status.

[narrow][large][b]PPC [CHARACTER NAME][/b][/large]
[mdash] [CHARACTER] will be [ON PPC/OUT OF GAME] until [DATE].
[mdash]  During that time, [CHARACTER] will be [ACTIVITY].
[mdash]  [If your character is staying at Hushed Willows, please detail what kind of powerplay you are comforatble with.]
[mdash] Feel free to include any other information you wish![/narrow]

referenced from undersea, with permission

November 20, 2018, 01:23 PM

➥ breeding guidelines

First, please acquaint yourself with WOLF's article on Planning a Family: Pregnancy, Pups & Development.  

Quote:You are required to seek OOC permission from your pack's management in order to breed. OOC permission must be obtained prior to conception IC.

Threads that contain sexual content that could feasibly result in pups (even if that is not the character's intent) during the duration of the breeding season may be interrupted by leadership, even if the thread is marked private.  Characters who attempt to breed with the intent of procreation without IC and OOC permission may be subject to punishment which will be decided by the council.

Opposed to traditional pack roles, individuals without children are given first breeding rights, and no more than four pup slots should be taken by leadership (combined).  Breeding rights are only given to characters who have been promoted from Guest to Seraphim.  Requests expire one month after they have been approved.

Requests must be made using the form provided below and private messaged on-site to all members in leadership

[b]PROSPECTIVE PARENTS:[/b] [p=PROFILE LINK]Parent 1[/p] & [p=PROFILE LINK]Parent 2[/p]


Requests expire after one month.