Northstar Vale prepare, prepare, prepare
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Kovertol's shadow followed him everywhere, it had to. Attached to him in an unbreakable bond it traced his steps and leered across the open patch of ground before again being swallowed by the bigger imposing presence of the mountainsides. He turned his head away from where his shadow would be and continued towards the thicket of trees to fill himself again with the bountiful calories the tangle provided him with; heir caress shrouded his pledge to the same, deep black as the shadow he walked within. 

He started to snap up berries, though not enough to harm him; he'd certainly have to eat a lot of a deadly poison for it to greatly threaten his life. He chowed down leaves, stems, flowers and all; he needed the calories desperately. He wandered towards the spring in an attempt to find a frow or some other small amphibian to feast upon. But wait, what was that? He paused and started to snuffle at the roots of a tree. Yes, his 
favourite. After every pine nut had been consumed he continued

had been gathered there. His long, leathery tongue snaked out to pull the pine nuts into his awaiting snout and chomped on them contently; emitting small grunts of approval. However, he still didn't smile, what was the point? Ambling towards the sping once again; Kovertol prayed he didn't meet a wolf, their cocky attitudes thoroughly pissed him off.