Blackfeather Woods racing around to come up behind you again
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Blackfeather Woods
Timelines are weird af so idk when this takes place--before Ceara was kidnapped, definitely. For the quest Be Thou My Vision.

She was rotting from the inside out.

It wasn't visible to anyone, not even her. But she felt it. A pestilence within her, a small, spreading darkness, little tendrils creeping outwards like tree roots. It started somewhere in the pit of her stomach; it had reached the walls, now, and was trying to break through.

Ah, my child, you are finally living up to the name.

Peryite, so ugly and foul. She had never seen Peryite before, and did not truly see the god of plague now--they were a shapeless, formless mass, oozing and ugly. Everything and nothing, all at once. The smell of rot rose around them, and there was a rattle in her lungs that had not been there before.

What you see before you is what you are inside. Never forget that.

"I understand," Maegi responded, turning to stare at him with her mad, orange eye, the left corner of her mouth permanently etched into a fiendish grin. "Don't you know that I understand?"

You have always known, Peryite responded, laughter in their voice. But know this, too:

When the rot reaches your flesh, you will die.

The girl woke, shuddering, and felt her stomach ache inexplicably. Perhaps a less superstitious wolf would have chalked it up to a poor bit of prey, but she knew exactly what it was. She rose from her den and stepped out into the clearing, into the moonlight, which bounced off her pelt.

How long would it take for pestilence to consume her? Was this a waiting game, like Relmyna's disease?

Was she dying, too?