Dawnlark Plains the suburbs hum with witchcraft as the night comes swiftly on
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the dark crow picked his way across uneven ground for a considerable amount of time before he found himself in a stretching expanse of land. with cupped ears and narrow eyes, he peered in search of the magic that hummed through the lands. he could feel it in the ground, the air, even the creatures that flocked to and from the surrounding terrain.

all of the land was magic.

salem continued moving forward. his broomstick limbs carried him swiftly and with purpose, but it would have been difficult for the warlock to explain what he was searching for. visions, spirits, it had all been said to have been tales and nothing more. the dark hunter knew better; he had been a witness to things that he never could have repeated. magic existed there, and he had shown himself in hopes of harboring it.
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It had taken a few days for her to feel comfortable enough to leave the safety of the border of her new home. She had grown a little stir-crazy, and even though her inner voice urged her to stay where she was safe, she ventured into the snowy plains not far from the lands claimed by the elysium wolves. She was never very good at doing what she should, which was why she had clung to her brother before they had been so violently separated. The thoughts of her brother caused tears to sting her eyes, and she quickly pushed them from her mind and blinked away the moisture; she didn't really want anyone else to see her fall apart again.

Her soft steps left little coywolf paw prints in the snow as she moved. A cold wind occasionally lifted the thick fur on her back, making her shiver a little as she continued her meaningless stroll. The stranger's dark form caught her eye up ahead, and she froze, tail falling down to tuck between her legs. She stared in his general direction, not wanting to risk eye-contact, but wanting to watch for any movement. Her whole body tensed as she prepared to bolt whenever she mustered up the courage to actually move. Until then, she stayed frozen in fear, ears falling and lifting as she waited to see what would happen next.