Blackfeather Woods my love
All Welcome  December 06, 2018, 08:35 AM
It was many years ago that he had first met Potema, the girl with the scarred eye. She'd been torn over her scars and Charon had told her how cool it was to have them. It'd been two years since he had found her that day when she was in heat and they had produced two beautiful daughters together. Daughters that he had never truly bonded with, but daughters that he loved nonetheless, and would stand up for, should it be necessary. Since then they had met on occasion but not as much as before. It was as if something was broken; not because she had roped him into giving her children, but because she had slept with others and had other children. He'd come to Blackfeather Woods when they were at war, when he had information, to tell her to get out. She hadn't headed those words. He remembered that she wouldn't leave that piece of trash Vaati alone here. That was why she stayed.

Since then he had not heard from her at all. It was a dangerous game, but whenever Charon thought of Potema he could not help but feel a flutter in his stomach. She was among his oldest friends and one of the few that seemed to have always lingered around the area. They were not meant for each other, as they each very firmly had their own place they were rooted in: He upon the mountain, for three years now, and she in these woods, ever since she was born.

There had always been something eerie about the borders of Blackfeather Woods, but something was different that day. Less blood, less bones, though many of the scents still remained. Charon lifted his nose to call for Potema, even though his sense of scent had already warned him of her absence. Her scent was no longer to be found at the borders. Charon hoped that it was a fluke, that maybe she had simply not patrolled as much but would be within the confines of the Woods. Now that the dust settled around the war, he hoped to find out how she was doing, if she was still alive, and hopefully they would be able to simply spend a bit of time together.