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All Welcome  December 31, 2018, 02:26 AM
Tradesman II
Having spent a great deal of time on her own mourning her brother, Niamh had also invested a good deal of her alone time contemplating the pack's news- that Wildfire and her kids were likely going to split off to form their own pack. In no way was she terribly tempted to run off and join them at first- as she hadn't even wanted to leave her den and go out in the open for others to see her and her ruined emotional state. She couldn't imagine it being a wise decision to up and leave this time of year anyway- not when there was definitely a winter storm on the way, but Niamh didn't exactly have the best common sense, so she doubted her judgement on that one. Maybe Wildfire had had good reason to leave- if she was really trying to protect the pack from Drageda, but Niamh- what with her recent date with Artaax planned- doubted very much that Drageda really hated them at all. 

She'd begun to reconsider going out to meet Artaax, but then again, she wasn't sure she could keep herself from going out, either. They were to meet the next day, and she would have to leave bright and early if she wanted to get there- but she could make that decision later. Her body told her to go- but her mind and heart weren't sure. They were both a mess with hormones and grief, so she wasn't sure how she felt about anything. All she knew was that she needed to get out of her den for some fresh air, and keep doing her patrols so that she wasn't neglecting the pack completely. 

She wondered vaguely what the others were saying about her behind her back, and felt a tinge of spite rise in her chest as she imagined that Quixote's words might have travelled farther than her own or Towhee's. She sensed that there'd like be yet another divide in the pack, beyond the divide that Wildfire had created...This one was one that she had likely created, and would further subdivide the Redhawks into wolves who empathized with her, and those who followed Quixote. She wasn't sure exactly how much weight was placed on either side- but she didn't like the thought of even one other packmate thinking bad things about her behind her back. It was that same lingering paranoia and insecurity which kept her thinking about departing- but her loyalty to Towhee held her back. 

Regardless, she kept her thoughts to herself as she meandered along the borders, reinforcing the marks here and there and minding her own business. If nothing else, the time to herself had served to make her a less outspoken wolf- at least for the time being. She didn't particularly want to talk to anyone, save for Phox or Towhee, which wasn't exactly the best compromise- but for the sake of the pack, probably a good thing.