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February 17, 2019, 05:04 AM
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since this thread is pretty old, we can probably wrap this up in the next post or two. c:

        faeryn reiterates to him that she's sure with a confident tone that does not belay worries. it is all wintersbane needs. she is different from the others he would recruit — wolves already lone. recruiting her from her sea pack had not necessarily been his intentions but now that he has, it is done. if she hadn't really wanted to make a switch then she wouldn't have, he tells himself. he'd given her a freedom to choose and further yet the chance to change her mind. he takes a few steps back, in case she wants to get to her feet at all. their spar is over and their first lesson concluded, after all.

        he stretches for a short moment and is caught off guard by her use of the word sir. a bark of a laugh escapes wintersbane as he replays the word in his mind. sir. it was so formal sounding, so stiff and old. you don't have to call me sir. he tells her. i'd rather you didn't. makes me sound old. cheekily spoken with a flash of teeth in a grin. wintersbane is fine. he promises.
February 17, 2019, 08:41 AM
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Sounds good! Thanks for the thread <3

A short ripple of mild laughter left her own lips, retaining the glimmer of child-like mischief in her azure gaze before moving to push her lithe body up from where it lay on the blanket of snow beneath. "Wintersbane it is." Indeed - she'd used the term sir purely for their amusement, partially curious to guage his reaction, a word she'd been forced to pick up from the preternatural wolves of the creek. Faeryn was greatly captivated to see what was waiting in store for her, both from the mysterious (yet charming) Sotaherra, and the band of wolves that would grow to follow his command. 

The blue sylph waded over to his side, awaiting the midnight lion's lead; there was no way for her to whisper goodbyes to her sea-family, and the roar of the waves would mask her howl. In time, she would return with explanations, but for now, the Renoda was content to traipse in the unknown. With the Vartija.