Dragoncrest Cliffs i was wondering if you could make me some of that righteous mac and cheese.
All Welcome  January 06, 2019, 01:54 PM
Dragoncrest Cliffs
Returning to Drageda had not been a simple task for the young lion, and that was due only in part to the storm that had savaged the coast. Mostly, it had been due to his reluctance to part from his golden nymph. Artaax was thoroughly intoxicated by her, but his world was here on the Cliffs and hers was elsewhere. Maybe that would be different one day, but for now, he was home once again.

The feisripa crept down the rocks to beach below, taking care to place his steps wisely. The rocks were slick, but this was not unfamiliar to him. He'd spent his entire life on these cliffs and was capable of tackling them regardless of their state, and he was patient enough to take his time to ensure safe traverse. He relaxed once his paws landed on wet sand and gave his coat a good shake. He paused for a moment to sniff at the wind - still shifting powerfully across a still dark sky - before setting his sights East and picking up an easy pace in that direction.