Hushed Willows darling can't you hear me
All Welcome  January 06, 2019, 06:26 PM
Lone Wolves

Mom was still sleeping. Ibis wasn't aware of the extent of her injuries but she was aware of the tension that had fallen across the pack following Yule. A sudden drop in cheer and comraderie that made Ibis very uncomfortable. The adults were so serious now, and so distracted by the state of her mom, which worried little Ibis. When she wasn't keeping watch over Seabreeze she was taking small breaks among the willows. At this moment, as she paced among some of the younger trees, she picked up on the scent of her brother @Okeanos and began to follow his route, wanting the comfort her brother would inevitably bring to her. His scent thinned a few times - and her mind wandered - until she was among some of the bigger, older trees and his scent had almost faded entirely from her senses. The girl sniffled and looked around, but didn't see anyone immediately.