Hushed Willows a plaintive cry for aid
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There is a quiet keening on the edge of the willows, something not heard there very often. It is eerie to hear in the cold, quiet twilight. It sends other small fauna scattering, fearing for their lives. What monster does the night bring?

The beast emerges from the shadows. It is. . .a baby fox, born unusually early in the year, and lost from his mother.

No more than a couple of moons old, the child keens, eyes darting to and fro. He is a burst of red through the pale, drab colors of winter, barely camouflaged from those that would harm him. He breathes hard and fast, and paces in circles, unsure of his next move. What to do, what to do? Mommy has always told me what to do.

He scratches at the frost-hardened ground, clearly at wits' end.

Written by @Lily

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January 11, 2019, 11:31 PM
Khali had not been sleeping after the rendezvous with Lily in the garden. His mind was cluttered with thoughts that he had messed things up between them. After hearing a sound that wasn't familiar with the normal ruffling of the night, the sandy man took off to investigate. Whatever was out there whether good or bad intentions should be inspected first. The breeding season was upon them and he was afraid that it was a male trying to harm the females within Elysium. That thought in his mind he trekked forward with a small cloud of anger mustering just in case.

Animals run past him in different directions, some almost into him and he swerved to miss them. When he comes to the culprit of the noise or where it had came from all he found was a harmless fox. It was too small to be a fully grown fox so he knew it had to be baby. The man's eyes softened after he figured out what it was, there was no way he could do anything to harm this little guy. Then he remembered what happened with Ibis and a slight bit of nerves came out, if he could he'd be sweating. He wasn't really sure what to do with him.

“Swahili” is in blue, he tries not to speak it so no one will know his past.
italics are A flash back or in his head depending on the wording of the post you’ll know.
January 14, 2019, 05:04 PM
Olive too was drawn forth by the suspicious crooning she heard near the outskirts of the territory. She made haste, knowing that winter was a hungry, ornery time for wolves  — and not all wolves respected the idea of a sanctuary. Instead of peace and love, some wolves only knew how to hate and cause disruption. Secretly, Olive loathed the day that a volatile force might not see Elysium as a haven, but a place to be overtaken. What would they do, then?

At least, if anything, Elysium had Khali. Olive had always been pleased with the man and his presence, but it was even mores after she saw the way he became riled up at the implication that there was a harmful intruder. Violence was never the Elysium way, but there was a discernible need for protection that Olive could not ignore.

However, there was no need for protection this day. It was only a small fox pup, seemingly without its mother, since the scents around it were lacking. Immediately, the white sylph was conflicted — as much as she tried not to, the presence of foxes and coyotes always tasted like the death of Oaxaca and the attack of Ibis, the two things that had spurred on the creation of Elysium. However, the right to life and love applied to all things, this small cub included.

“Oh, little sweetling,” she said in a hushed tone, pulling up alongside Khali to look upon the forlorn thing.   “What should we do with you?”

and all my days are trances, and all my nightly dreams
are where thy grey eye glances, and where thy footstep gleams
in what ethereal dances, by what eternal streams

January 14, 2019, 05:20 PM
The keening cries were not heard at first by Sunny who had just killed a rabbit, the prey animal's death cry drowning out the pitiful noises of the cub. It was when he was carrying it back to Elysium that he heard them and dropped the rabbit, horrified and thinking it was alive and making those sounds. He prodded it for a moment with his paw and then breathed a sigh of relief laughing softly at his own silly mistake before pausing and realising if it wasn't the rabbit then something else was crying for help. He grabbed the rabbit and followed the sounds, not catching the scents of Olive and Khali due to the prey scent right below his nose. When he arrived and saw the other two wolves who were blocking the view of whatever was making the noise.

Warily he snuck around to the other side, rabbit still dangling from his jaws and spotted the culprit. A small, shivering wide eyes red ball of fox cub. Immediately he softened and he gently lowered the rabbit to the ground, also sliding his forepaws down so he was laying upright to appear less threatening instead being a third giant wolf towering over the poor thing. "Hey little guy, it's okay we're not gonna hurt you" he whispered and then cast a quick suspiciously questioning glance toward the other two as if making sure what he said was true. Then his eyes softened and he offered the Elysium wolves a quick smile, they were a sanctuary, a group of loving, kind wolves. They wouldn't hurt this baby. He turned back to the fox cub wondering if the poor child was even old enough to talk yet. Everything in him was saying to protect it, to make sure it stayed alive until hopefully it's mother came to get him.

Birdcatcher: 4/10