Stavanger Bay visiting from the heavens
All Welcome  January 13, 2019, 07:45 PM
Lone Wolves

The wisp-like maiden who sought out knowledge felt hesitant, as she stepped by the claimed sands. Her heart beated wildly, as she took a deep breath, debating whether to call, or to wait. She knew there were others here, their scent strong and wild, that originally Miriam had avoided the place, not wanting to mess with claimed territory. She dare not stir up trouble, as for all she wanted, as to explore, and search. To learn, and to love, and to cry, and to ride. She wished for a journey, but not one of bloodshed and trouble.

However, she couldn't help but think of this place. She saw the wonderous view while passing by, a squint with her ghost eye, but she reluctantly went around, and continued on. Though the thought of this place, stuck with the maiden, and so she came back. Though fearful, as her ears were held back, and tail meekly cowered around herself. An odd look, as her body showed fright, Miriam looked forward cooly, seemingly unafraid despite everything else quivering. Only that much, looked fearless.

She continued standing by the beaches, just inches away from entering the territory. She wondered, whether to call or not.. Was this a smart idea? But she so thirsted to see what was inside.. Would they allow such a request though? She did not want to leave with a crimson trail.. Such a debate swelled in her head, she stood in thought.
January 13, 2019, 09:58 PM
It was either incredibly fortunate or entirely ill-fated that the titan had sought to patrol the borders that day. He had filled himself with the fresh water of the creek further in and had done well to mark where it was needed most. When he had found himself on the beach near the black stones, he had all but emptied himself on the path that had been cut before. Still, he continued his trek in case there was a chance of strangers at his door. Surprisingly enough, it seemed as though he was right in this assumption. Maybe the sea had whispered to him to tell him of her arrival. Perhaps it had been his own instinct telling him to draw nearer to her so that he might intercept the possibility of a trespasser.
With the swaggering approach of a wild jungle cat, Ford closed much of the space between them and drew his crown upward. His hollow gaze searched her features first, then roamed to the shape of her body and the color of her coat. She was odd – out of place from what he’d seen before. Still, she seemed as though she hung there with trepidation. “What brings you to the edge of my claim?” the warhound inquired with a slight canting of his skull and a thoughtful furrowing of his brow.
January 13, 2019, 10:40 PM
Lone Wolves

A titan roamed these beaches, one that surely was made to guard the doors of paradise, but trapped by the barrier of this land. She was at a loss of word, for a moment, as the small, lilac ghost was intimidated by the other. She was able to keep up a facade of calmness upon her face, while looking at his colored gaze, but her body had shrunk down in meekness, almost daring to shiver by her fear.

Miriam held her ground, speaking softly, almost in a whisper. White eyes keeping on the behemoth, they desired to look away and run, but she held a sin of greed toward her thirst of wonder. She managed to get out noble words, that could only be hoped to travel toward his ear, "My name is Miriam, Miriam Iris Willows," as per courtesy she introduced herself, "I apologize for the intrusion," she inhaled sharply, "I wish to," her voice shrunk even more if it was possible, "survey the land you claim upon." She felt selfish from the words she spoken.