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Blackfeather Woods
She only vaguely remembered this journey, having been so out of it following Venninne and her daughter. Still, something within her had kept it handy, and so she traced the path from Bearclaw, straying a little, but otherwise right on course. This ravine was more familiar for a couple of reasons: they'd found the Redhawk girl here, and she knew that when she climbed out the other side, the sea would be in reach.

A little tired, Maegi paused for a drink and a rest, panting slightly from exertion on the bank. She dipped her snout and began to lap at the water, becoming more greedy as she went along. Thirst slaked, after a moment she relaxed, laying on her side and watching the current move along.

She'd have to ford the creek at a shallower point, but for now she was content to sit peacefully, quietly, gathering her scattered thoughts. There was still much to do. Who knew if Titmouse had even listened to her and gone to Underseaโ€”and if he had, whether he was still there. Or if, Peryite forbid, the Redhawks had hunted him down. . .

A shiver ran through her at the thought, and Maegi flung it away quickly, pushing it well out of mind. It didn't do any good to fixate on what could be. Right now, there was no certainty. It was Schrรถdinger's Mou, both alive on the island and dead. Until she saw for herself, she couldn't know for sure.

And then Mou hopefully found, she would then go to Blackfeather. . .and atone for the sin of departing without word.

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Lone Wolves

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The last thing he ever expects to see on the horizon is the nimble frame of what looks like his sister. With another glance does the signature of a cured paw confirm what he suspects, and he moves in the direction of the estranged sibling. The last time he had seen her had been unpleasant to say the least, for unsavoury words had been exchanged when she refused to come with him. In the time that had gone by, he came to the realization that she was no child any longer. She was free to roam as she liked, with no obligation to the blood they shared. It had been foolish to assume she would leave a home she loved more than him simply because he wished it -- for she was not a possession he could own, like Cassiopeia. Now, he regards her stiffly, unsure where they sat. Did she loathe him for his failure to find her attacker, or the unfair ultimatum he had forced on her in their last encounter?

โ€œMaegi.โ€ his baritone breaks the tundrian silence only occupied by forceful winds. His tone is rough -- inquisitorial but eerily detached from emotion. โ€œWhy have you come here?โ€ It is the only thing he wonders, for she had been so steadfast in remaining in her pack before, that she had been okay with losing him. At least, that is what it had felt like to him at the time.

for the sins of the unworthy
must be baptized in blood & fear
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Blackfeather Woods
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Well, gods be damned. Vaati's burly form appeared, staring her down with those unnerving cerulean eyes. His question rubbed her the wrong way, and she rose to her paws, returning his gaze with a frosty one of her own. Did he really have the right to ask that of her? Did he think he owned this place? Owned her?

I've got things to do nearby, she responded coldly. He smelled different than when she'd last ran into him, like the sea had settled into his fur. Was he living around here, now? What about you? Did you find another place to lead into war?

Oops. That was mean. Good thing she hadn't said it aloud, right?

For once upon a time, his pride had captivated her. She had looked up to him, worshiped him almost as much as the daedra themselves. Now, he reeked of brutish hubris; it put Maegi off completely.

So, eventually, she left.