Lost Creek Hollow she's so high
June 15, 2019, 06:05 AM
Lost Creek Hollow
Grief is very personal.Β That's probably the first smart thing you have said today - Sarah thought, but did not say aloud. She was already beginning to feel bad for her earlier outburst, because she was not prone to being emotional, when it came to dealing with problems. You may think those things, but you may never say them aloud. That was her motto. Keep yourself calm, collected, stoic, do not show them that you are vulnerable.

Nikai was done with her at this point and Sarah was very glad that she did not have to make the situation more awkward and embarrassing to her, by telling him outright that he had not been very useful to her. Strictly speaking that was not true, for he had listened to her ranting, but she was not in the mood to be fair or just. "I will remember that," she told him a bit gruffly. And being a person, who never wishes to remain in debt, no matter, how small the thing is, she added, before she left: "I owe you one - if you ever need help... you will know, where to find me."

An offer made more out of courtesy than true good-will. But she would keep her end of the bargain, if it ever came to it.

The End.