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@Charon & @Amekaze, set tomorrow morning
His heart is still light after meeting Seren. She has gone on ahead; she will meet him by the sea, on a plateau, she says. For he must attend to some duties here, first. Moonspear has given him a home for a few seasons, now. He cannot leave without a goodbye, without expressing his gratitude. To do so would be uncouth.

It would be in a manner unfitting a king. And soon—if the battle spares him—he will be a king.

The prince wanders up the mountainside, through the pines, following the alphas' scents. And losing them, along the way. Llewellyn stops, impatience rippling down his spine, and lets loose a call for them, urgent but tempered, not rude in its intensity. He respects them. He will always respect them.

But he must go.
February 08, 2019, 03:21 AM
There was something about Llewellyn's call that made Charon somehow know. Maybe it was the years long experience of being an alpha and seeing others come and go. Numbers always fluctuated, such was life. At times it angered him when others left, but if Llewellyn was truly leaving then he could only give his blessing. Charon knew only vaguely of his life before here, though, so he didn't know the reasons yet.

The King of the mountain made his way towards Llewellyn and greeted him with a friendly enough chuff, though his expression was serious. He would miss Llewellyn, for although the man had never been close to Charon, he had served them well in his time here. There was still the chance that this was about something else, of course, but Charon's mind had already taken this track and ran with it. He waited patiently, for his mate, for Llewellyn to say something.
February 10, 2019, 11:43 PM
There was a part of her almost looking to wind down for the morning not so long before the call rose, and vied for her attention quite readily with a note like that. Given no reason not to go and no reasonable trails underfoot to draw her elsewhere, she went on to answer, long and low over the path that carried her to them. Eventually she caught herself overlapping with her mate's recent route and honed in.

She arrived tailing Charon by a few moments at least, but completed the trio at his side soon when the time was right. Out of habit, she sidled up beside him, though left her interests all with Llewellyn. More than anything, she prepared to listen. If the undertone of his summons had any indication, he wouldn't want to waste time with the small talk.

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