The Melonii
February 09, 2019, 04:33 PM
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Pack Basics

Name: The Melonii
Ranks: Click!
Location: Great Bear Wilderness
Acronym: TM
Founded: 07/02/19
Pack Colours: #5d5dbc & #28284d



Damien Mehrunes Melonii: Sovereign (07/02/19 — present)
Astrid Nyx Apaata: Consort (07/02/19 — present)


None yet.


Coming soon.


Deepwood Weald: Tree upon spindly tree line the entirety of this forest. They are tall, lanky things that stretch high into the sky where their branches tangle together. Save for the few infantile trees, none of their branches are within reach to the forest creatures that crawl within this deep wood. Light cuts through their limbs at a peculiar angle, casting this place in an eerie white, foggy sort of hue that makes it difficult to see in any one direction. As far as following footprints? Most are lost beneath the red and green ferns which line the floor. This wood is a large repetitive stretch with few distinguishable markings. It’s difficult to navigate and easy to get lost in the weald. Territory description written by Iqniq.

Nyx carries with her a raven named Tulugak - feel free to reference him (Bio for more info)