Sleepy Fox Hollow dismay
Private  February 09, 2019, 08:04 PM
Tristan Storm
Lone Wolves

An orchestra of naked twigs and branches composed a raspy song from their wooden friction. Singled out, each sound was too tiny to really notice, but all of them singing in unison against the moving wind created an eerie symphony. Beckoned by the unusual performance was a young black wolf, but he wore a subtle look of dismay across his frozen features, easily missed by all but the most observant of face readers. He was highly concerned for the well-being of the hollow's tree folk, for their chorus sounded like heartfelt cries for help. He wasn't sure what he could do, but maybe a little company could distract them from their woes.

As he ambled from trunk to trunk he touched each of the tall wooden beings with his snout and made small talk with them. Consoling words like There there, the sun will rise again tomorrow. and You're strong, I believe in you. and I shan't pee upon you tonight or any night, dear tree. I'm only here to help. among other uplifting things. He continued for what felt like hours, but whether it was minutes or seconds or years he couldn't tell anyone. His sense of time was about as accurate as a snake shooting a bow and arrow in a tornado.
February 09, 2019, 09:02 PM
Redsand Sanctuary
Amsu found himself out of the canyon reluctantly tonight. Sometimes he liked to leave, to explore new places, to hopefully find his family or anyone who might wish to join the Sanctuary. But tonight he wished to be back home, among the sand and stone, lying in a shallow bed dug out of the earth and sleeping beneath the stars. Well… No, reluctant as he was to enter caves, a cave might be better on a frozen night like this, especially with no one to cuddle up to. Alas, he was wandering alone and lonely tonight.

That was why his tail wagged when he heard the sound of a voice up ahead. The words didn’t make much sense. The wolf ahead was… talking to a tree? Well. Amsu was not one to judge. He spoke to the sun and moon, so talking to a tree was fine in his book. Because of this, though, he felt as if he might be intruding on some kind of ritual or other, so he kept his distance for a time, and then softly cleared his throat and offered a quiet, “Hello,” barely above a whisper.
February 10, 2019, 06:24 PM
Tristan Storm
Lone Wolves

It was easy for Tristan to lose himself in the moment, and as a consequence the soft greeting of an approaching wolf to go unnoticed. As he finished consoling tree number eighteen he moved on, eyes locked on their next target- a beautiful but sorrowful oak. He headed straight towards the other wolf, who stood between Tristan and the oak, and finally within feet his olfactory senses alerted him to the presence.
He stopped abruptly and nearly jumped out of his skin, WHOA holy mackeral!! Hi, wow, you startled me there. He eyed the creature for signs of extraterrestrial anatomy but found nothing out of place. He'd never met a wolf-shaped alien before (to him, in this moment, being an ET was the only reason someone could suddenly teleport in front of him). Stumped, he decided this one must come from another wolf-harboring planet.

Which planet do you come from? I envy your kind's teleportation abilities. I can run fast as hell n'all but I'm pretty sure I couldn't run to another planet... never tried though. Well so uh what brings you to Earth? He'd never met a wolf-shaped alien before (to him, in this moment, being an ET was the only reason someone could suddenly teleport in front of him). Stumped, he waited for an answer with curiosity burning his retinas.