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Swiftcurrent Creek
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his steps would make him enter this land quietly. wary. almost apprehensive. the man would look about and wonder where to begin. where to start. for he was merely a traveler and without a place of residence. a guest in these wilds. open to many situations yet offering nothing but skill in return. cautious of a new realm, yet appreciating the fresh start. he had been to other places on his travels but none was as vast as this location.

Benedict felt himself recline, frowning softly. if other wolves - well, they had to - existed here, he hadn't seen any so far. but the air was heavy in their scent. a few places along here was much denser, suggesting packs lived here. of course, they did. where there were wolves, there were packs. communities. houses. homes. he wanted a new home. though he knew you had to typically fight for your place. nothing was going to be handed to him. he bit back the sigh before rising, his brief rest just that. brief. he had other places to explore. people to meet. connections to grow.

he would barely notice if another approached him, too focused on the expanse before him to notice much else. ah well.

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major focus on group hunting, patrolling, defensive fighting
benedict speaks with a heavy accent; if you need a translation just ask!
April 15, 2019, 06:46 AM
Lost Creek Hollow
Drowning was not easy and soon Sarah found out that leaving wasn't simple either. She was a creature of habit, she needed structure, routine and predictability in her life. As miserable as she had felt during these months at Lost Creek Hollow (due to no fault of the place itself), she had still managed to organize her life somehow. There was a well-hidden den, away from the crowd, where she would spend quiet evenings. There was a particular spot on the edge of the forest, where she liked to stop and observe the plains beyond the borders. There were some hunting spots she frequented. And then there was Gannet, who she considered almost a friend and such - she was sure - she would not find anywhere else. 

She had hardly ever jumped at opportunities or been impulsive in her life. All future plans were carried out after lengthy and thorough deliberation. She decided to utilize this approach now as well. The key problem to leaving the hollow was that she had not the slightest idea, where that happy promised land was located. The best way to solve it was to explore the surrounding areas, get to know them and then expand the circle. She liked the plan and feeling happy about the fact that she for once had something to do, left the hollow one morning and headed North. 

Not far though, she chose to explore an area, where many foxprints led up to, but instead of a fox, she caught sight of something way bigger and wolf-like. She regarded the man for a while, taking in all the information she could possibly gather, before announcing her presence and approaching him in a careful and polite manner. "Good day," she greeted him, once within the hearing distance. "Are you a resident of this place?" she asked, realizing that the question was very weird and that her social skills with strangers were still very awkward.