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All Welcome  April 17, 2019, 05:46 AM

The early morning was pale and irony with post-showers; some drabby blue starkly contrasted by the mountainous clouds that blushed gold and tangerine. The heavens had decided, it seems, that the sun slept in for a bit, and so said clouds would be the bringers of light this morn.

Before Drageda, came Aure’s voice in her twin’s mind, I spent some time with Easthollow. And before being guided through the mountains — by the Wintersbane, who Vonn wouldn’t never not sigh over — Easthollow had been fair-made, and though protectful, in her voice, hadn’t coddled me from Rakk’s hunger.

Her words were recent, Vonn ascertains, and he knew in full how much she longed to visit Easthollow once more. But for the past few days, Aure had sequestered herself in solitude at her thicket, and had chosen not to speak of whatever she had stumbled through this time.

So Vonn had not coaxed her, and went in her stead — he had faith his sister would open up to him on whatever it was. He hoped.

While he lingered primly at the edges of Easthollow’s border, wandering amongst his own thoughts — the sun itself decided to peep from its billowing covers of cloud. The bright eye of it squinted at him, burnished and buttercup and honey.

Vonn soon averted his argent gaze, despite the awash of morning and how it elicited tentive birdsong. It would do him no good to be blinded before he saw this marvel, this @Greyback, who Aurëwen spoke so highly of.

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April 17, 2019, 12:01 PM
The day had barely broken its cantaloupe split sky, and with it came the beginning patrol.

Greyback, worrying over the safety of his mate who was soon to start her labor, had taken up on being the first to patrol the lands. Nowadays there was nothing eventful 'cept the endless current of passerby's who seeked refuge for a small while before leaving their barely made home. It would normally worry the man, but seeing how he was preoccupied with the safety of the long-standing members, it didn't.

Nearing the slope that shadowed the meadow, the brute of a man was met will a familiar wispy figure of another, their fur white and face racked with outstanding scars. He smiled softly, happy to see the familiar face of her as he neared closer. However, before he had reached the girl Greyback noticed that it wasn't a her at all, but a him. A he-wolf who looked identical to her save for height and muscle mass.

How peculiar.

The Patriarch straightened his posture and strode confidently to the boy, his tail lightly raised and face stoic- void of any emotion as he cast a glance down to the stranger. It seemed he was, at the least bit, educated in the sense not crossing a marked border—something that brought silent relief to the giant. At least he wasn't an idiot. "Welcome to Easthollow traveler," Greyback welcomed with a gruff tone. "What brings you to our borders?"

Like the wind, I am here. Calling to you in the dawn of day, whispering to your heart words of nurture.

April 19, 2019, 03:37 PM
Braska, was this a male that rose before him, or a mountain? Enshrouded in smoldering, mauvey pewters, Aurëwen’s savior rose above her brother by a good several heads. The ashen male couldn’t hide his appreciative expression; but with a few blinks amended himself, cleared his throat. Matutino. I am Vonnaruil — my sister, Aure, sends her regards.”

A crooked jaunt came to the crow’s lips as he continued: “We reside at Diaspora, currently. Tending to her babies have kept her away, but she has wished to visit Easthollow for quite some time.” Eyes set into a scarred brow roamed the blooming dawn all about them. “She hopes you and yours have been faring well.”

“She is remiss that she never quite thanked your for you service against Rakk, or for giving sanctuary.” His gaze alit on the standing stones lingering behind Greyback; they seemed to stand impressive sentinel. “Is that where the incident happened, if I may ask?” Vonn looked back up to Greyback, endlessly patient and unassuming.

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