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Lone Wolves

There were a few things that Josiah had in common with his packmates. For starters, they were all young; plus, they were all in the same pack. Just from looking at those basic facts, it seems that they would have hit it off, right? The thing was, Josie couldn't shake the feeling that things weren't going quite as well as he'd anticipated. @Opalia and @Dacio seemed closed off and somewhat uptight, and while he understood (he really didn't), it still worried him.

If anything, Josiah knew that he wanted to be seen as a real member of this little group; he didn't want to be the slack-off outsider with yet to prove himself. That evening, he rose as the sun set and thought that he might try to find an easy hunt.

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June 12, 2019, 01:39 AM
Lone Wolves

gonna try to be awkwardly vague about the not very deep yet bear thread at first >_>
After having branched off from her brother's patrol a little while earlier, Opalia prowled off on her own. She was beginning to contemplate a hunger, but not having any good luck on any overly tantalizing game trails. After all, she had been laying a little low after coming to Kiwi's aid against her invading bear and had not really embarked on many vigorous hunts lately.. yet somehow enough, morale was still holding on, and the newly-minted yearling was just feeling pretty alright with it all lately.

But  that wasn't to say she didn't have a lot of curiosities lately. To start, she was still mapping the territory and its nearby vistas, and they had caches to build up from nothing so they could scout for new faces. On top of that (which was far more relevant right now as she started to casually track after his freshest scent trail), there was their current newest.. recruit, although it felt weird to call him that already, and he really had come to them all on his own? Stingy as she was, no matter the circumstances, she still was a little hesitant to warm up to him but gradually, her light trot started to bring her nearer and she went with it to go see what he was doing--and what he might think about her coming along too.